5 Ways to Get Over the Person Who Doesn't Love You

5 Ways to Get Over the Person Who Doesn't Love YouSome people believe, that love can solve all problems, but exactly love can become the source of them. You're in love with a person, who doesn't love you and sees you as a friend, a coworker or just as a person of acquaintance. It's painful, that you can't be with them and very exhausting for you. Here are 5 ways to get over the person who doesn't love you.

#1 Realize your feelings. Even if you think, that you're OK with your feelings, you're actually not! Smiling all the time to the person you love and see them with their partner is really painful and you can't stand it for months (or even years). You need to stop seeing this person, because each and every minute spent near them makes you feel even worse than before.

#2 Limit the contact. The less time you see the person you love, the faster you'll get over them. Try to limit the contact with them. Stop coming to the parties where your unrequited love will be and never accept their invitations to come, if they are your friend. If it's your coworker, then stop having lunch in the same restaurants.

#3 Hide them from your feed. You must have added the person you love to your social media circle. It was wrong decision, because now you constantly see their pictures with their partner and know how happy they are (and without you). If you want to get over this person, then it's time to delete (or at least hide) them from your feed. Less stalking, less pain for you.

#4 Think of your love as a fantasy. Loving someone means, that you love them the way they are. Couples, who spend months and even years together may find out, that they still don't know something about their partners. However, they still love each other. Now think, what you know about your crush. Many things you know about this person is only your imagination! This person isn't a prince from a fairy tale, and they may be full of flaws. Would you love this person, if you knew that they torture animals on their backyard, were an addict, gambler or a thief? Think of that and try to see the flaws in your love.

#4 Write about your feelings to yourself. Writing down everything you feel on a piece paper is a known therapy technique, and it won't cost you a penny. Write a letter to yourself and then re-read it to understand yourself even better. After reading it you might think, how crazy you are for loving this person.

#5 Find yourself. It's high time to find yourself again and get over the person who will never love you. You can do it by distracting yourself to your hobbies or going for a trip. Change your appearance and find new friends, because any changes in your life lead to meeting someone else, whom you really need.



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