8 Ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage

8 Ways to Divorce Proof Your MarriageBeing married doesn't mean that you will live all your life in love with your spouse. The numbers say, that about half of marriages fail, so it seems that you're 50 percent likely to divorce. But you can change the situation, if you use these 8 ways to divorce proof your marriage.

#1 Be faithful. Lack of faith is one of the top reasons why marriages fail. Don't lie to each other and discuss every little problems even before they can happen. For instance, sooner or later you will be tempted to cheat on your spouse, so talk now, how you will handle this situation.

#2 Don't change your partner, only yourself. You can't build strong relationships, if you're constantly trying to change your partner. It's impossible, but you can improve your relations by changing your own attitude to several things. And when you improve yourself, your partner may follow your suit.

#3 Watch for the main reasons of divorce. There are main problems that lead to divorce: betrayal, financial problems, communication problems, abuse. If any of these four problems appear in your married life, your family won't last very long.

#4 Divide the household chores. Did you know, that spouses who divide the household chores have better sex life? However, it's true only for couples, where both partners work and share the chores equally.

#5 Spend time together. You've married just because you wanted to be together, so now it's finally time to be together! And if so, then why one of you is constantly away? The absence of one of the spouses doesn't make your family bonds stronger, so be there for dinner, garden works and table games. Also don't forget to go out at least once a week. Nobody's canceled dating after getting married.

#6 If you fight, make it the right way. Every couple faces different problems, small and big. And if you can't talk them out, then the only one way to go is to fight. But don't make fights one of the features of your marriage, so fight the right way. Use one simple technique that will help you minimize the insults and solve the problems that caused your fight! Just go outside and walk. Experience shows, that mostly arguments stem from being cooped up together in tight quarters. Walking outside will let you have fresh air, that is healthy.

#7 Let your spouse have some time alone. Everyone needs some time to spend alone, because your spouse or you might become, you know, kind of irritating. Believe, that it's OK, if your spouse uses bathroom for 45 minutes.

#8 Talk about your feelings. Silence is one of the killers of marriages. Your spouse has right know, when and why you're sad or happy. Your spouse loves you and they will try to keep you in your happy place.



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