5 Mistakes You Should Let Yourself Make

5 Mistakes You Should Let Yourself MakeMost people try to avoid making mistakes at all costs because no one likes to mess up. However, to err is human, and you will inevitably make some mistakes during your lifetime. There are mistakes you shouldn't be afraid to make because you will learn a lot from them. Here are 5 mistakes you should let yourself make.

Having a failed relationship. Very few lucky ones end up spending their life with their high school sweetheart. Most people go through at least a couple of failed relationships before figuring out how a healthy and fulfilling relationship works, and this is normal. No one wants to have their heart broken, but the only way to prevent heartbreak is to avoid relationships altogether, which is not an option for most people. A failed relationship will teach you how to get over a heartbreak and allow yourself to love and be loved again.

Getting wasted. Getting really drunk makes people let go of their inhibitions and do things they will regret doing. We aren't saying that you have to go and get trashed right now; we just assume that it will happen at some point in your life because most people go through this experience sooner or later. Just don't get drunk alone. Make sure that you're surrounded by friends who will carry you home when the bar closes, just like in that song by fun.

Taking a bad job. Some people enjoy a brilliant career right from the start, but most of us puny mortals have to take some crappy jobs to get through college or pay off their student loans. Sometimes you get stuck with a bad job because you can't find a better one, but that's okay. If you know what a bad job is like, you will know what to avoid when looking for a better job. Besides, bad job related experiences will make you appreciate your good job when you find one. But please, don't settle for a crappy job, keep looking!

Burning bridges. Cutting off a personal or professional relationship because of a falling-out is harsh, and you may regret this decision later. Sometimes our “burnt bridges” come back and haunt us years later, sometimes cutting off a professional relationship has a negative effect on our reputation, or cutting off a personal relationship makes us miserable. But you never know how things are going to turn out. Sometimes taking this risk is worth it, even if you regret your decision in the long run.

Neglecting your friends in favor of your significant other. Sometimes it can be hard to balance friendships with a romantic relationship, and a lot of people make the mistake of ditching their friends in favor of spending time with their significant other. Doing so is likely to cause tension between you and your friends, maybe even lead to major fights. But when you figure things out (and you will because true friends will always forgive), you will appreciate your friends even more than before.



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