5 Ways to Deal With a Clingy Friend

5 Ways to Deal With a Clingy FriendSome people need more attention than others, for instance, when they are stressed or go through tough times. But what if one of your friends is constantly clingy and wants to spend all their time with you only? No matter how much you like your clinger, sometimes they drive you crazy. Here are 5 ways to deal with a clingy friend for you.

#1 Make an excuse. Whenever you're tired and want to be alone or you don't want to include your clingy friend to your plans, use any excuse to leave. Don't use one-time excuses, like you have to babysit or you need to see your dentist. The main reason is that they work only once and next time you will have to use a new excuse, and also remember, that you lie to your friend. Instead of these excuses use the permanent ones, that include your family. For instance, say, that your mom doesn't like that you come back home too late or spend too much time with your friend. Family excuses are clear and they can't be confronted.

#2 Don't always be available. Never answer the phone calls or emails from your friend as soon as you get them. If you do that, you give a sign to your friend that you're constantly available and eager to talk to them as well as they do. But if you answer phone calls with a delay, you give the message to your friend that you're very busy. You have your own life, don't you?

#3 Encourage your friend to make things on their own. Your friend might be clingy just because they're not confident in themselves, that's why they don't want to do anything on their own and want you to participate. They are braver just because they feel your support. Now your task is to make your friend do things on their own. For instance, when they ask you to go to a party, say that you can't or you're just not into it and encourage them to go without you. Or next time when you go to a movie don't drive together. Ask your friend to buy some popcorn for you and order the tickets for both of you. This way you will force your friend to be more independent.

#4 Introduce your friend to new people. Did you ever think that your friend always follows you everywhere just because they have problems with meeting new people? Introducing your friend to others will expand their social circle and their attention will disseminate to others also.

#5 Learn to say “No”. It's necessary sometimes to say “No” to your friend. Remember, that you're not obliged to invite your friend everywhere you go and include them in all your plans. If you friend presses you till you tell they can go too, don't do that and say “No”. Don't lie, just tell, that you're tired or want to do something on your own. In case your friend gets insulted, it's not your problem, because it's them who have to learn to deal with that.



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