7 Valentine's Day First Date Rules

7 Valentine's Day First Date RulesGoing on a date on Valentine's Day may seem to be super sweet and romantic, but some would say, that it's a very bad idea. There will be too much pressure and with all that kissing couples around you might feel very awkward. Remember these Valentine's Day first date rules to make your date smooth and unforgettable.

#1 Make your date spontaneous. You must assure your date, that going for this evening was your spontaneous idea and that you don't have a habit to go on first dates on this day only. If you don't do this, then your date may think, that you're desperate about dating and planning to go to a drive-thru wedding chapel.

#2 Don't go somewhere special. Going out to a restaurant is a very bad idea, because such places are usually packed with couples who are together for ages. They will be kissing, and what's worse, you will have to wait long time before your dinner will finally be served. Instead of going to a restaurant choose something more casual, like a bar. Bars are usually empty on this day, and you will find kind of privacy you wanted.

#3 Make your date casual. Although your first date is on Valentine's Day, don't make a big deal out of it. Your attempts to make it romantic will fail and you and your cutie experience the most disastrous date ever. So set the boundaries and your expectations of this day and pretend that it's one more usual day (actually it is!): chat, have fun and split the bill.

#4 Extra spicing is possible. In case you're super romantic and you want to remember your first date on Valentine's Day, opt for activities that will make you closer to each other and let you communicate friendly. Don't go to movie and instead of that select a date in a zoo.

#5 Bring a present. Many people expect to get something for Valentine's Day, so you can bring a small present for your date. Forget about flowers, because even the most beautiful bouquet in the world won't look very good in a bar, but a box of chocolates will do the trick. By the way, don't buy a card, because they are only for couples.

#6 Don't drink too much. The fuss around Valentine's Day may put too much wrong pressure on you. Don't try to release it by drinking too much alcohol and this way trying to relax and find the not-so-romantic topics for conversations. Many men make fool of themselves after drinking too much.

#7 Read the signs. It's the Most Romantic Day in the year and you think you should kiss after your date to remember it forever. Be careful and read the signs: if your date doesn't want to be kissed, you may end up pepper sprayed or publicly humiliated.



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