Wedding Plus-One Etiquette

Wedding Plus-One EtiquetteSo, you've been invited to a wedding, and now you have a lot to think about. What should you wear? What gift should you buy? Should you a bring plus-one? The last question is very important because breach of wedding plus-one etiquette is considered a major faux pas. Here are some general plus-one rules you should be following.

#1. Read your invitation very carefully. If it doesn’t say that you can bring a plus-one, then you can't. You were invited alone and that's it. You absolutely mustn't RSVP with a plus-one or do an even worse thing and just show up with a guest. The bride and groom paid for a certain number of guests, and you will mess up their plans and budget by bringing an unexpected guest.

#2. Don't ask to bring a plus-one. Basically, it's a logical extension of the previous rule: if there is no “plus-one” on your invite, you shouldn't ask for one because it means asking the bride and groom to spend extra money on someone they don't know that well (or even at all). There is one exception though. If you're in a long-term committed relationship or engaged and the bride and groom know your partner, you can ask them (very politely) if there's been a mistake in your invite.

#3. RSVP with your plus-one's name. If you do get to bring a plus-one, RSVP with your guest's name so that the bride and groom know who you bring along and can put their name on a seating card. Keep in mind that if your plus-one can't make it, you can't just substitute them with another person. Of course, you need to make sure that your plus-one can attend the wedding before you RSVP, it will help avoid awkward situations.

#4. Don't bring a random person if you don't have a date. Generally, a plus-one means the person you're dating. If you're single at the moment and don't have a date to bring to the wedding, don't RSVP with your BFF's name. We understand that going to a wedding alone sucks, but some couples won't be comfortable with you bringing a friend instead of an actual date. And even if you are sure that the bride and groom will be okay with it, you still should ask them beforehand.

#5. Reconsider your wedding gift. If you're attending a wedding with a guest, your wedding gift should reflect this fact. Basically, it means that it has to be bigger than if you attended alone. However, there are no strict rules as far as the cost of wedding gifts is concerned, so at least make sure your gift is thoughtful. Should your plus-one chip in for the gift? If your date doesn't know the couple, you shouldn't ask them for money for the wedding gift. If they know the couple, it's up to the two of you to decide, because each couple have their own rules.



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