Is It Relationship or Dating: 5 Signs to Know your Status

Is It Relationship or Dating: 5 Signs to Know your StatusDating occasionally one person doesn't mean, that you're in relationship with them. In fact, you can be anything, but a couple. The more you think about it, the more it can frustrate you, especially, if you definitely want relationship with the person you date, and they don't make any moves towards you. These sings will help you figure out, if it's relationship or dating.

Modern society allows such kind of relationship, as occasional dating that involves no commitment. Men as well as women feel free to date one or even two persons simultaneously and never stay tied to them. It can be considered as the fact, that you're looking around and want to find out, what kind of person you really need. Or you just want to take a break in relations, but never want to stay alone. It's even possible, that you're friends with benefits! See, how many options you have for occasional dating and never have relations. However, if you're really not sure about your status and want things to be clear, the following signs will help you.

#1 There's more than two of you. Being in a relationship means, that you date only each other. There are no other people in your relations (of course, we're not talking about polyamorous relations, but if they were this way, there would be lots of discussions), for instance, you don't chat with one person and plan a coffee date with someone else. There is only one person in your life and it's true for both of you.

#2 There is no sex. Casual dating doesn't mean, that you have to sleep with every person you meet. In fact, many daters try to sleep with anyone at all, until they find the person, who really means something special to them.

#3 You have sex and have no commitment. Sleeping with someone while there is no commitment may mean, that you're friends with benefits. You're definitely not a couple, but you're helping each other with sexual frustration. If you were something more than that, there would be some discussion.

#4 Sex with many people. This one is typical for men mostly, when they date many women and sleep with them. However, there's no cheating, because they don't have any commitment in their relationship. Committed relationship means, that both of you restrict sexual relations with other people, because you have deep emotional connection with each other.

#5 You don't know your partner's friends. Think of the friends of your “second half” as of some kind of a test. When people are in relationship, they want to tell the whole world about their status, and friends, as well as family, find out about it the first. Well, still there's plenty of time before you get to know your partner's parents, but at least you should know their friends. As well as your partner should know your friends. And if anyone of you doesn't know each other's friends, well, you're just dating, and there's nothing more.



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