What Should You Do If Your Relationship Is at Standstill

What Should You Do If Your Relationship Is at StandstillRelationships are always complicated, and there are many things that can happen to you. And although your relations will face numerous problems, all of them can be solved in two ways only: changing yourself and becoming more mature or breaking up. But what if you and your partner don't move any further? What should you do if your relationship is at standstill?

There are many stages of relations, like attraction, first kiss, falling in love, marriage. But you and your partner are stuck at one stage and never move to the next level. Was there any reason for that? Of course, otherwise you'd move forward.

What can cause the standstill in your relations? We will name just some possible roadblocks – fear of commitment, not accomplished goals in other areas of life, financial problems, growing apart, feelings of one partner fade out, insecurity. These are just the most common problems, but if your relations are at standstill, it doesn't mean that you've faced any of them. You might have had something another that influenced on your relations with the second half.

So what should you actually do with your relations? Should you break up and move on without your partner or try to move on together? Everything depends on the way how you feel towards each other.

If you understand that you don't have the same affection for your partner as it was before, then you should break up. Being together just because you're used to be a couple just slows down both of you. You could have already found your new partners and be happy with them. There are also some other reasons for a breakup: constant discontent by your partner, no commitment, financial problems and abuse. Don't wait till situation gets even worse.

In case your relations are at standstill just because you and your partner don't know what you want from each other, then you really can stay together. An open and serious talk is what you need, especially, if you've been together for years. One of you might be already expecting the new stage to come, but it comes too slowly, while this pace is totally perfect with the other side. So talk to each other, because communication is a key to successful relations.

There is also one thing that you should never do, if your relations at standstill. Never give an ultimatum to your partner. You've been waiting for engagement for too long, and now you're desperate. Desperation leads to threats, and threats are another word for ultimatum.

Although an ultimatum is what you consider to be the best way out of the problem, it's not. Having all or nothing won't work this time. You think that your partner is afraid to lose you that's why will give you anything you want to, actually you're likely to have nothing at all.

Giving an ultimatum is possible in case, only if you're ready to hear the truth about your relations and are willing to act on it, whatever the answer will be.



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