How to Keep in Touch With Your Friends After Marriage

How to Keep in Touch With Your Friends After MarriageA lot of people fail to keep in touch with their friends after getting married. Even though they thought that their friendships wouldn't change after marriage, finally tying the knot made them drift apart from their friends. Is losing your friends an inevitable consequence of marriage? No, it isn't, but you will need to put some effort into maintaining your friendships. Here are some tips for keeping in touch with your friends after marriage.

Invite them over. Some people become real homebodies after marriage. They prefer spending their weekends at home with their spouse to going out with friends. If you're too tired after a long workweek and don't want to go anywhere but still want to see your friends, invite them over to dinner, movie night or slumber party.

Have double or group dates. For your friends who are married or in a committed relationship, plan a double date or a group date night. Everyone wins: you get to spend time with your friends and your spouse simultaneously, and no one becomes a third wheel because everybody has brought a plus one.

Have a standing date. Psychologists say that having a standing date night brings spouses closer together and helps strengthen the marriage. We suppose this can be applied to friendships as well. Try to meet your friends at least once a month. You can have a meal together, hit the spa, go to a bar, etc. And don't drag your spouse along to these meetings, this is your friend time.

Encourage your spouse to spend time with their friends. You don't have to be joined at the hip with your partner and spend all your free time with them. Both of you have friendships to maintain, so don't get jealous when your spouse wants to spend some time with his or her friends. Use this as an opportunity to invest some time into your own friendships.

Make the most of different means of communication. You probably won't be able to meet your friends as often as you used to, but that doesn't mean you can't communicate with them at all. You can use social media, text and phone calls, Skype, messengers, email and other means of communication to keep in touch with your friends and let them know you still care about them.

Never dismiss a chance to reconnect. If you lost touch with some of your friends after marriage but your paths have crossed again, don't dismiss a chance to rekindle an old friendship. Your friendship won't be the same because both of you have changed, but it is your chance to build a new friendship. Don't miss it!



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