7 Things You Can Regret for Not Doing in Your Relationship

7 Things You Can Regret for Not Doing in Your RelationshipMost people usually regret things they've done in their past relations. However, there are plenty of things, that are not done, and they have led your relationship to what it is now. Check out these 7 things you can regret for not doing in your relationship.

#1 Not saying “I love you” whenever you want to. These three magical words can make your partner feel special. And you should say them whenever you want to and have an opportunity. So many people complain and regret that they don't have many opportunities to tell their partner about their feelings.

#2 Not exercising together. Trying new activities together with your second half is very exciting and it will strengthen your relationship. Moreover, you can find new hobby for two of you! Exercising together is actually where you have to start. Practicing yoga or running in the morning together isn't only fun. It's also the sign, that you're interested in each other's health too. You will never believe, how many women regret, that they hadn't been able to make their partners exercise, which caused them different health problems.

#3 Not turning off electronic devices when you're together. Cell phones, computers and TVs distract us from each other whenever we try to stay alone. We never value the time we spend with each other, that's why use cell phone to stay connected with friends and check e-mail. Ban all electronic devises, when you have a meal, talk together or not at work. If it's not possible, then at least set the time, when nobody can disturb you. Social media isn't as important as your relationship.

#4 Not being friends with your partner's friends. Yes, you might never like or feel uncomfortable with your partner’s friends, but it's such a pleasure to hang out together! Still many couples prefer to go out separately with their own friends and thus feel kind of a freedom to do what they want to. It may feel cool for some time, but in the long run it can become the cause for many problems.

#5 Not complimenting your partner every day. Compliment is the easiest way to appreciate your partner and show your care. Compliment your second half every day and show your affection. However, don't make your compliments generic. Real compliments should be thoughtful, so pay attention to any changes and details in your partner.

#6 Not talking out problems as early as possible. Every couple has to go through some problems, but many people mostly afraid of the talks that are waiting for them. Instead of solving the problems as sooner as possible, while they don't pile and don't hurt your relations, many put them on ice. Don't be such a person and try to solve the conflicts and repair the hurt feelings as a team.

#7 Not laughing a lot. Laughter is what naturally makes us feel closer to each other. Did you know, that couples who laugh together, stay with each other longer? So can you remember, when you and your partner laughed for the last time?



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