7 Things to Do After Engagement

7 Things to Do After EngagementGetting engaged is surely the happiest thing in you life, because you've been waiting for that for years. Now, before two of you become one, you have to enjoy this time. But wait a minute, do you know, what 7 things you should do after engagement?

#1 Tell the news. The very first thing you have to do after engagement, is share the news with your family. Visit both families (if it's not possible, then make phone calls) and tell the news. Don't send any messages or mails, because it's inappropriate. Only when your family knows about your engagement, you can call your friends. And only then you can make nice pictures of your ring and post them in Instagram and Twitter. No vice versa, because you don't want your relatives and friends to know the news about you from social media, right?

#2 Insure your ring. You may think, that ring insurance is not very important, however, it's not. You never know what can happen. The ring can be stolen, lost, damaged or gemstones need to be replaced. Find out, whether you're covered if something of the listed above happens and how long the claim process will take.

#3 Buy two ring holders. One ring holder you need for kitchen, the second is for your dresser. You don't know, what your dog or cat, if you have one, can do to your ring. Cats like playing with rings, and dogs might never miss a chance to swallow it. And kitchen sinks are the most common place where rings die. So have two holders, if you want to take off your ring around the house.

#4 Throw a party. It's time to celebrate your engagement, because soon you will get married. It may happen, that your friends will want to organize it. And if the party is in disguise, then think of cover-up, like casual dinner party, Christmas gathering etc.

#5 Make the invitation list. You want to invite so many people to your engagement party, and if you don't want to miss somebody out, make a list. However, be careful when choosing guests you invite, because you will have to invite them to your wedding as well.

#6 Reveal your secrets. In case your second half still doesn't know about any of your financial problems, it's time to open the books to each other. You both have to share the information about your credit history, debts, loans and everything else, that needs discussion as a team. Now you can start planning your future together and how you will deal with the financial problems.

#7 Start saving for your wedding. You understand, that marriage is very expensive, and now you have to start saving. Set a budget and talk to your parents. They might want to help you with the wedding, and it's easier to plan and save, when you know what sum you need.



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