Pros and Cons of Being Roommates With Your Best Friend

Pros and Cons of Being Roommates With Your Best FriendIf you've decided to live off campus or cannot afford to rent an apartment on your own after graduation, you need to find a roommate. Your best friend seems like an obvious choice: you've known each other for a long time, you get along, you are comfortable around each other. However, living with your BFF isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Here are the pros and cons of being roommates with your best friend.

Pro. You are already buddies. There is no need to worry that you might not get along. You've known each other, like, forever. You have a lot in common, you can always rely on each other and you always have fun together. Oh, and you've probably seen each other in your underwear, so you will be comfortable walking around the house without you pants on.

Con. Great friends aren't always compatible as roommates. What if your friend likes to drink milk straight out of the carton, leaves hair in the sink or has other annoying habits? What if you suddenly realize that your friend considers some of your habits annoying? Such things usually don't bother when you live separately, but they can become unbearable when you share an apartment.

Pro. You are used to sharing. You don't mind sharing your food, clothes and beauty products or lending money when your friend is broke, because you know they will do the same for you. Today they buy you a coffee, tomorrow you bring them a burger for lunch. Things even out.

Con. What if one of you abuses their friend's kindness? Sharing is great, but what if one day you realize that your friend never buys their own groceries because they are constantly eating your food or it is you who always pays for the takeout? (The reverse situation is also possible.) Money is a sensitive subject, and you need to always make sure that your grocery and utility bills are split evenly.

Pro. You can have fun together. Even the most mundane things, like doing household chores or grocery shopping, seem exciting if you are doing them with your BFF. You can marathon TV shows, have movie and game nights, throw parties, have epic cook-offs and pillow fights, and even be hungover together. And don't forget about cuddling, isn't it great to have a cuddle buddy?

Con. You will hang out together all the time. Spending all your free time with your BFF prevents you from meeting new people. You don't want to get stuck in your own little world. Besides, spending too much time around your friend might make you feel smothered. Everyone needs some space and alone time.

Pro. You care about each other. Your friend will cook you chicken noodle soup when you come home sick, and you will give comfort to them when they are stressed. And isn't it amazing when there is someone to get you home safe after the party? (Just remember that sometimes it will be you who gets their roommate home safe.)

Con. If things don't work out, you can lose a friend. We've already said that a good friend doesn't always equal a good roommate. If you turn out incompatible and can't make it work, you may ruin your friendship. Are you willing to take the risk?

There is a huge difference between hanging out with someone and living with them. We don't discourage you from sharing an apartment with your BFF, but before you move in together, you need to weigh all the pros and cons and set ground rules.



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