5 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Having an Emotional Affair

5 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Having an Emotional AffairCheating doesn't have to involve sex. A lot of people consider a so-called emotional affair a type of infidelity because emotional intimacy is just as important in a relationship as physical intimacy. Here are 5 signs that your boyfriend is having an emotional affair.

An emotional affair is an affair between two people, either of whom are in a committed relationship, that mimics the emotional intimacy and closeness of a romantic relationship but doesn't involve any kind of physical intimacy. It's more than just friendship. People who are having an emotional affair usually acknowledge and foster their mutual emotional attraction but don't act these feelings out physically.

It might be hard to distinguish an emotional affair from harmless friendship, but it still possible. Here are the signs that your boyfriend is having an emotional affair behind your back.

Sign #1. He's suddenly got a new female friend. We aren't saying that you should be suspicious of all his female friends. We are sure you have friends of the opposite gender of your own, and they really are just your friends. But if he has met a woman that is “his type” (in other words, a women who he would totally date if he weren't already in a relationship with you), you have the right to be anxious. Just don't accuse him of anything until you're absolutely sure.

Sign #2. He spends quite a lot of time with his new friend. Of course, everyone has the right to hang out with their friends without their significant other. But “friend time” shouldn't affect your relationship. If he ditches you for his new friend, there's definitely something wrong. And if he's lying to you about who he spends time with, it is a red flag. Even if there is no physical intimacy between them, the fact that your boyfriend chooses to lie about his whereabouts reveals that he is feeling guilty.

Sign #3. They are too comfortable with touching each other. An emotional affair does not involve actual physical intimacy, but it can involve semi-intimate touching: hugging too long when saying hello or goodbye, sitting too close to each other when there's enough space, holding hands. When you're in a committed relationship, getting so close to someone who isn't your partner should feel wrong.

Sign #4. Your boyfriend looks guilty even if he's in denial. Some people deny their attraction to the person they are having an emotional affair with. Nevertheless, when confronted by their partner about it, they feel and look guilty because their instincts are telling them they are doing something wrong.

Sign #5. He looks happier than usual, and you know that you have nothing to do with it. Do you remember how your boyfriend looked when you just started dating and were going through the honeymoon phase of your relationship, giddy from being in love? Of course, you do. If he looks like he's in love but your relationship with him hasn't changed, he might be having an emotional affair.



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