5 Tips for Getting out of the Friend Zone

5 Tips for Getting out of the Friend ZoneBeing stuck in the friend zone sucks, especially when you feel that there is potential for a romantic relationship. How to subtly let your friend know that you're attracted to them without ruining you friendship? Here are five tips for getting out of the friend zone.

Tip #1: tell them how you feel. That's the easiest way out, but it's also the riskiest one. The person you're attracted to could have put you in the friend zone because they don't know that you have feelings for them. If you suspect that they might be attracted to you, muster up the courage and come clean about your feelings. Mind that it is risky because if they don't have feelings for you, your relationship might become awkward and your friendship will never be the same. If you don't want to risk, you can try subtler ways to hint that you want to be more than friends.

Tip #2: make physical contact. We don't mean that you have to grope them because that's sexual assault. We mean subtle and nonchalant casual touching: patting on the back, touching their shoulder, etc. The point is to touch them more often than you usually do, showing your affection. However, this might not work if you already touch each other a lot: some people are very affectionate with their friends in a completely non-sexual way. They just like to cuddle a lot, that's all.

Tip #3: flirt with them. Flirting is the easiest way to let someone know that you're interested in them romantically because it sends a clear message that you're not opposed to being more than friends. Besides, flirting will help you understand whether they like you back. If your friend flirts back, you have a chance to get out of the friend zone, so go ahead and sweep them off their feet! If they don't, you can just turn it into a joke and return to status quo without ruining your friendship.

Tip #4: stop acting like you're their friend. Treat them like you would treat your boyfriend or girlfriend (just without making out and sex... yet). Casually compliment them, buy them coffee, surprise them with doing sweet things like baking their favorite cookies, etc. It is also important that you stop discussing your love life with them. They will never see you as a potential love interest if you complain about your love life or let them gossip about their crushes.

Tip #5: be prepared to admit defeat. There is a possibility that your friend has no romantic attraction to you and will never have. Maybe they have feelings for someone else, maybe you're not their type, maybe there's no sexual chemistry. If your attempts to get out of the friend zone are making them uncomfortable, you should stop flirting with them and accept that friendship is the only relationship you can have with them. Maybe they'll change their mind someday, but it's their decision to make. Don't get pushy and respect your friend's boundaries.



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