7 Signs That He Is Boyfriend Material

7 Signs That He Is Boyfriend MaterialSo, you've met a guy. He is cute, and funny, and seems nice, and treats you well (for now), but you're still not sure if he is the right one for a long-term relationship. Here are seven signs that the guy you are seeing is boyfriend material.

He doesn't play games. If he really wants a long-term relationship, he won't run hot and cold and play games with you. And vice versa, if you start playing hard to get, he probably won't want to pursue a relationship with you. However, it doesn't mean there will be no mixed signals at all. Nice guys sometimes send mixed signals because they are self-conscious or shy.

He respects you. Respect is important in a relationship. If a guy treats you well when you're alone with him, but becomes a jerk when you're around his friends, he's definitely not boyfriend material. The right guy will always treat you well and will never be embarrassed to be seen with you in public.

He listens to you. We mean, really listens, pays attention to things you say and remembers them. He knows your favorite ice cream flavor and your best friends' name. He doesn't lose track of your conversations or interrupts you in the middle of a phrase to change the subject.

He is reliable. Even if you don't like to depend on other people, it is great to have a partner to rely on. A guy who is capable for a long-term relationship follows through on his promises and never leaves you hanging. A reliable guy won't be late for your dates (or will warn you if he's running late for some reason) and will be eager to help you when you need it.

He does not pressure you into having sex. If all he wants is a hookup, he will expect to have sex with you as soon as possible. But if he wants a relationship, he won't pressure you into anything even though he is clearly attracted to you. He will patiently wait until you are comfortable with physical intimacy.

He doesn't hesitate to express his feelings. Well, we aren't saying that he should confess his undying love on your first date, that's creepy. However, he shouldn't be emotionally constipated either. Mr Boyfriend Material is open and honest about his feelings.

He finds time for you. Even if he has a very busy life and has to balance his classes, part-time job, family commitments and friends, he will always find time for you. You probably won't become his top priority when your relationship is still new, but if you feel like he's always ditching you, he's definitely not the right guy.



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