5 Types of Guys You Should Date at Some Point in Your Life

5 Types of Guys You Should Date at Some Point in Your LifeVery few people marry their high school sweethearts. Most of us date different kinds of people before settling down. It helps us figure out what we really want from a relationship. Some people even have a bucket list of types of guys/girls they want to date before finding the one. Here are five types of guys you should date at some point in your life (in our humble opinion).

The older one. Although a lot of age-gap relationships don't work out, having a fling with an older men can be a great idea. First, older men are more experienced than your peers and know how to please a woman. Second, there is typically less drama in such a relationship (unless the guy is married, which is a totally different case) because older men that are worth dating have outgrown their youthful insecurities.

The intelligent one. As Irene Adler said in the BBC series Sherlock, “Brainy is the new sexy.” Intelligent men sweep women off their feet using their brain. When you're dating an intelligent man, you can talk to him about lots of things and learn something new every day. Contrary to a popular misconception, many smart men are really good at sex because they are quick learners, and when they are passionate about something (in this case, having sex with you), they are eager to learn everything that there is to know.

The one that is great at sex. He might be a jerk or just not the brightest crayon in the box, but the two of you have insane chemistry and the sex is always great. This kind of guy definitely isn't the best candidate for settling down with, but there is nothing wrong with having a casual relationship for the sake of mind-blowing sex. However, it is important to end this relationship before its drawbacks begin to outweigh its benefits.

The one that is not your type. Almost everyone has a certain type, but ends up falling for the person that is definitely not their type at some point in their life. So if you have never been interested in nerds, jocks, bad boys, geeks, hipsters, bikers, shy guys, frat boys, etc., but you think you have a crush on one, go for it! Diversity is great. Even if the relationship doesn't work out, it will be a great experience and a step out of your comfort zone.

The one that is your polar opposite. It is generally believed that people who date should have at least something in common. Their shared interests and opinions is what brings them closer together. However, sometimes we crush on people who have an entirely different outlook and opposing views on virtually everything. Such a relationship can teach you a lot, for example, to refrain from judgment and accept people for who they are, to agree to disagree, and to respect other people's opinions and views.



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