What Should You Do If Your Boyfriend Makes Plans Without You

What Should You Do If Your Boyfriend Makes Plans Without YouSpending quality time together is one of the essential parts of dating and being in love. But whenever your boyfriend makes plans, where you have no place in, it's upsetting. You feel like you're not important for one of the closest persons in your life. So what should you do, if your boyfriend makes plans without you?

The problem when boyfriend starts making plans on his own is familiar to many girls. And it doesn't matter, how much time you've spent together, six months or six years, it always hurts badly. However, don't stay quiet, like everything is OK and you're totally happy with the thing, that your boyfriend makes the plans for the next month or two, where you don't see each other at all! Yes, you want your boyfriend to be happy, but what about you? Don't you deserve it?

Spending time with friends is very important for everyone. Although relationship is great, you need to socialize, besides, friends give you things, that your second half can't. But at the same time friends shouldn't become more important than you, and you actually can change everything. We insist, that you shouldn't try to change your boyfriend, because it's impossible. You can only create the situation that will make him more mature!

Step 1: change your mind. The problem is not that your boyfriend spends time without you, but in the way how you look at it. Instead of thinking that he doesn't want to be with you, you should think, that he has no time for you, because he's very busy. The situation is the same, but the approaches to it are different. So change your mind about the problem and follow the next steps.

Step 2: act, as if you already have plans. Don't sit and wait, till your boyfriend asks you to come. These last-minute dates and plans are not for you any more. You boyfriend should understand, that you're also important, but not the last person to spend time with, when everyone is busy for him. May be, that lack of your own social life makes your boyfriend spend more time with his friends rather than with you. So, whenever your boyfriend calls you and asks to come, act as if you already have plans. Should we say, that you really need to be busy? Don't worry, it won't last for a long time!

Step 3: see, what comes out. Now you have to wait, what will come out. You're busy with your friends and have great time without your boyfriend. And if your boyfriend really needs you and misses you, he will grow mature and realize, what he misses out. He might call and ask, if he can come. Now, he's making plans, and you're in! In case nothing changes, then you're in relationship with a selfish person, who never cares about you at all.

Step 4: talk to your boyfriend. Both of you are adults and regardless of the outcome of your little experiment, talk to your boyfriend about the time you spend together. Two of you need to find a compromise. If your boyfriend refuses, than your relationship lacks equality, respect and maturity.

Now we think, that you know what to do. No matter what is the outcome, it's always better than sitting and waiting till something changes. Act right now and don't lose your time, because it's priceless.



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