How to Make Your Boyfriend to Be More Romantic

How to Make Your Boyfriend to Be More RomanticYou love your boyfriend, and you know that he wants to make you happy. But why does he do romantic things, that really make you feel on cloud nine, so seldom? It's because men are mostly not romantic and they prefer fixing cars and playing football instead of having a romantic dinner together. However, don't be so upset, because you can learn how to make your boyfriend to be more romantic.

First of all we have to warn you, that don't force your boyfriend to become more romantic, if he doesn't want to. He might be the kind of person, who doesn't understand who's made up romance and what for. Instead of this try to find a compromise and meet his needs, may be you will find new ways to be more close to each other and feel happier.

Teaching your boyfriend to be more romantic is actually like animal training. You tell what to do and when you get the desirable result, you give a reward to your boyfriend. It sounds harsh, but in reality it looks very natural.

Imagine a situation, that your boyfriend brings you some chocolate. Why? Because you've told so or it may come out of nowhere. You appreciate this romantic gesture and give something in reward: a kiss and offer him to share it. Think of any reward you can give, and make sure that it will make your boyfriend feel good.

Every time your boyfriend shows you his affection, be positive and responsive about it. Tell him things you love about him and how you feel when he's so romantic with you. Make an emphasis on giving back, not on receiving with nagging or expecting anything in return, and this way you will initiate him to feel positive, when you do some romantic things.

Your romantic ideas do matter for your relations, that's why talk about them. Your boyfriend doesn’t know how you envision the romantic dinner or vacation, that's why talking about it gives him some clues to follow. Of course, romantic dinner is something bigger, than a box of chocolate, that's why it needs bigger reward. So think aloud about the ways you two could spice up your sex life.

Do things that he likes. Why should your boyfriend spend his time on doing things that only you like? It's not fair, isn't it? So spend some time with your boyfriend and do together things that he likes, even if it's playing computer games or watching football. It raises the chances that the next time he will be more romantic to please you.

Don't nag, if your boyfriend isn't romantic enough and don't compare him to your more romantic exes. Just imagine, how would you feel if your boyfriend nagged your all the time that you don't wash dishes properly. What would you do? You would make your boyfriend do it on his own or go on the way you always do it. The same is with your boyfriend's attitude to romance. Don't nag, because training requires lots of time.



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