10 Signs You're Dating a Loser

10 Signs You're Dating a LoserYou really like your boyfriend and you're happy being with him. However, sometimes you think that he's a real jerk. Maybe, you're right or you're just too upset that he doesn't meet your expectations. Again. Or as usual. Anyway, check up these 10 signs that you're dating a loser.

#1 He has no job. Being unemployed is not fun, and if you boyfriend does nothing to change the situation (many excuses, like lack of self motivation, drive or even laziness), you have to run away from him. Of course there are some stipulations, for instance, you boyfriend can't find job because of the current economic climate.

#2 He has no money. No job usually means no money. However, even having a job might not change the situation. You're boyfriend is a real loser, if whenever you date you don't go to have a dinner together, because he can't pay for that. By the way, don't give money to this guy, you will never get them back!

#3 He lives with his parents. It would be OK if your boyfriend were 14 year old. But what if he's 25 and doesn't want to move? He's probably asking his parents for money too.

#4 He doesn't have a real residence. Do you know your boyfriend's address and telephone number? Maybe you don't, because he doesn't have them at all. He stays with “his people”, and it means that he might be basically homeless. This guy will try to stay at your home for several nights because he misses you so much! We'd recommend you to lock the doors and never let this guy in.

#5 He's got no means of transportation. Does your boyfriend has a car and a license? Was it suspended because of some accident and now he doesn't want to use bus? Do you give him a ride or borrow your car? Don't do it any more!

#6 He's ghosting you. How many time did he disappear for no important reason without giving you a phone call? And you can't call him because he hasn't got a cell phone! And then he shows up again and behaves like everything is fine. Do you know what? He might be staying at his other girl's house.

#7 He doesn't have anything to give to you, only sex. A guy who doesn't have job has plenty of time for making their stroke perfect. Well, he probably has another jobless girl to practice, but then he comes back to you, because you give him a lot. And he gives you just sex. Don't find anything good in his personality in order to justify being with him. It's senseless.

#8 He's never happy. You do whatever to please him, but he's never happy. Do you know what, he's a loser. You don't have to do anything to make your man happy, it's him who should please you.

#9 He puts his friends before you. It's not always easy to recognize a jerk, because they might be super sweet. But when your boyfriend puts his friends first, you have to think that something is wrong. Your boyfriend can't leave you alone in the mid of the movie because his buddy called him and asked to come.

#10 He doesn't like your friends or relatives. A loser will try to cut you from any support and have you all to yourself. For instance, he might tell you that your friends or relatives take advantage of you or they just can't understand your feelings. And if he can't make you stop talking to them, he will question you after each call. Finally you will get tired of it and talk to him only.

Do you find any of the signs familiar? If yes, then you should leave this jerk asap. You deserve someone much better then that.



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