Tips for the First Vacation Together

Tips for the First Vacation TogetherGoing on your first vacation together might be the most stressful event in your life. You want some romance and you see your vacation through rose-tinted glasses, but, in fact, it can be a disaster. Use our tips for the first vacation together in order to enjoy the time you spend together with your second half.

Don't force anything. Although having a vacation together sounds fantastic, you shouldn't force your partner to it, especially if you started dating recently. Vacation for two is only for those who already know each other well. So if you're together only a couple of months, even don't think about any vacations at all.

Think about a long weekend. You really love your partner and a whole vacation together sounds great to you, but remember that there are differences between two of you. And you can tolerate them only if you start small. A long-weekend vacation is a great opportunity for you to see, how you and your new partner will be a couple, when you're together 24/7. Spending a long weekend together and enjoying it is much better then finding out that you're not trip compatible on the first day of your vacation.

Choose together. You and your partner have different interests, that may lead to some problems in choosing destinations. For instance, if you need places to go shopping and your partner can't imagine a vacation without a beach and seashore, then you should find a compromise. Make sure that the place you choose is good for both of you.

Pay separately. Make sure that each of you feels comfortable for the amount of money you spend for you vacation. It's strongly recommended for both of you pay for your first vacation separately. This way you won't think too much about the money issues.

Leave open time. You're going to plan a number of activities for you and your partner, and it's great! But you don't have to plan what you're going to do each and every minute of your vacation. Your partner might be spontaneous considering the decisions what to do. So leave some open time for unexpectedness.

Have some time to take rest from each other. Vacation is great for two of you, because now you have an opportunity to do everything together. But being with your partner all the time may be tiresome. You need to spend some time apart from your partner. For instance, if your partner would like to play golf while you'd prefer swimming, do it. Choose your own ways to relax, and then meet to do some things together.

Don't expect anything great. You're expecting that your first vacation will be a heaven, but how much will you be frustrated, if you find it to be ordinary and even boring? This vacation is not a honeymoon, so it might be not the most romantic event in your life.

Alcohol consumption. Being on a vacation doesn't mean that you can relax and do whatever you'd like to do. If your vacation of a dream is being drunk all the time, you have to limit alcohol consumption. Think about your partner and make sure that nothing bothers them.

Don't come up with your secrets. Learning something unexpected about your partner is not the greatest thing to do on vacation. So don't reveal your terrible secrets and don't tell anything bad, that can spoil mood of your partner till the end of your vacation. Make sure that your partner knows about you everything before you go together anywhere.



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