5 Tips for a Successful Movie Date

5 Tips for a Successful Movie DateA lot of people think that going to the movies is a good date idea for the early stages of dating. When you're watching a movie, you don't have to talk, but you will have something to discuss when the movie is over. Besides, movie dates are casual, and casual equals less stressful and more relaxed. However, not all movie dates turn out successful. Here are some tips for a successful movie date.

Pick the right movie. It is important that you choose a movie both of you are likely to enjoy (one more benefit of a movie date: it helps you figure out whether your tastes are at least a little bit compatible). Romantic comedies and funny movies are considered the best choice for a movie date because they have a simple plot that allows to get distracted. They also keep the atmosphere light. Action movies can be good as long as you both like them. Romance, drama, and horror can be too much.

Show up on time (or even a little early). Being late for a date is not very respectful in general, but being late for a movie date is especially bad. No one likes to be that person who arrives at the movie theater late and blindly looks for their seat when the movie has already started. It's awkward and embarrassing, and you don't want your date to get awkward and embarrassing right from the start. You also shouldn't talk or text during the movie, it's rude.

Choose the right food. Popcorn is considered to be the ultimate movie snack. Accidentally brushing your fingers while sharing a large bucket of popcorn can be quite romantic, but keep in mind that popcorn can get stuck in your teeth, which will make kissing awkward. We also advise against eating any kind of food that results in bad breath if kissing is on the menu. Junior Mints are a safe choice: they are sweet but not too sweet, and they will make your breath fresh.

Initiate physical contact. If it's your first date, you can hold your date's hand. It's the safest choice that is least likely to make them uncomfortable. If you already feel comfortable enough around each other, you can put an arm around them. Making out is an option if you've been dating for a while, but don't get too carried away. To put it short, you can do whatever both of you are comfortable with, unless it can be regarded as an act of public indecency.

When the movie is over, hang out for a while. The purpose of a date in the early stages of dating is to get to know each other, which is hard to do when you're watching a movie and can't talk. When the movie is over, go out for dinner, coffee, dessert or ice cream, and discuss the movie. Should you kiss? It's up to you, you don't have to if you (or your date) is uncomfortable with it. You should, however, thank your date.



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