8 Coffee Date Tips

8 Coffee Date TipsCoffee dates typically make great first dates. They are casual, quick, relatively cheap and comfortable. But just like any other first date, a coffee date has the potential of going wrong. How to feel relaxed during a date in a coffee shop? Here are some coffee date tips.

Avoid large coffeehouse chains. Starbucks may serve great frappuccinos, but it is often overcrowded. For more romantic atmosphere, choose a small cozy coffee shop with friendly baristas. It will make you feel more comfortable.

Don't get freaked out if you can't find a table. It's not like you have no other options. You can look for another coffee shop (that's why it is a good idea to make a list of coffee shops in the area before the date) or get your coffees to go and head to the park or enjoy a walk around the streets.

Don't overdress. Coffee dates are very casual, so you need to look casual. There is no need for a fancy dress/suit. If you are coming to the date straight from work, take off your jacket and unbutton a couple of buttons on your shirt to look less official.

Drink whatever you want. You don't necessarily have to drink coffee on a coffee date. If you'd rather have a cup of tea, it's perfectly OK. You should also not be ashamed of your complex coffee order or love for whipped cream. What you order doesn't matter. How you order, however, does. Be polite with the barista and leave a tip, but don't flirt with them when you're on a date with someone else.

Don't judge your date's coffee order. Perhaps your date's drink of choice can tell you something about them, but it doesn't give you the right to get all judgey. We've said that you should not be ashamed of your coffee order. Well, this goes both ways. Don't make your date feel ashamed of theirs.

Forget about your phone. Many coffee shops have free Wi-Fi, but you shouldn't check your e-mail or Instagram your coffee when you're on a date, this is disrespectful. Turn off the sound and keep your phone in your pocket.

Keep it short or turn it into a dinner date. Both options are OK. Depending on how the date goes, you can keep it relatively short or turn it into a dinner date. If the date is not going too well, it won't be rude to leave after you've both consumed your coffee. If the date is going really well and you don't want it to end, you can have another coffee. And then another. And then suggest grabbing something to it.

Don't forget common first date rules. Don't be late, don't choose wrong conversation topics, keep the balance between talking and listening, thank your date before saying goodbye.



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