7 Reasons to Try a Breakfast Date

7 Reasons to Try a Breakfast DateYou've got used to dinner dates at the end of the day, while a breakfast date sounds really weird to you. Don't miss a chance to try a breakfast date with you new cutie, because it's really worth it. Here are 7 reasons to convince you!

Reason #1: breakfast dates are cheap. It's very easy to predict the price of a breakfast date. Harsh brown, fried eggs and bacon, fruit salad, orange juice, a cup of coffee, toast with jam or peanut butter. The choice isn't very big, that's why you don't have to think whether you will be broke after the breakfast or not.

Reason #2: people look better in the morning. You have slept enough, have just taken shower and dressed up for your date. Now you look great and still full of energy for the whole day. In the evening you may look very tired (you never know what the day will bring you this time), so you may make a bad impression on your new partner.

Reason #3: don't need to choose a right outfit. The main reason why girls should love breakfast date is the easy choice of a right outfit. We don't know how it works for the guys, but girls may spend hours choosing what to wear. If it considers breakfast, then the clothes will be rather simple, casual. A T-shirt and jeans will be great for a breakfast date.

Reason #4: breakfast date fits in your busy schedule. Some people don't have enough time to go on a date in the evening, because their schedule is too busy. Mornings usual are not so stressful, so you have enough time to chat with your date.

Reason #5: time is limited. This is the best reason for those, who are afraid of too long first dates. You understand that you have to stop the date, but you can't tell it to your date. If you're on a breakfast date, you don't have this problem, because is something goes wrong, you always have a great excuse to say “bye”: your work. But if the dates goes super well, then shortage of time only ignites the interest of both partners in each other and you will be eagerly waiting for the next date.

Reason #6: it's creative. The breakfast date is somewhere out of everyone's comfort zone. You have to wake up earlier to meet a person for coffee and fried eggs, and that's unusual. Dinner and restaurant sound really dull to everyone, unless your super rich and can afford impressing your new cutie. The breakfast date is just a bit out of ordinary, but it's already enough to create a spark between two of you.

Reason #7: You will always find something to talk about. Many people feel clumsy when it comes to finding the themes for conversation. Here you have plenty of things to talk about. Take an interesting book with you and read it while you're waiting till your date to come. Later you can talk about this book. You can also take a fresh newspaper and its headlines will give you plenty of themes for conversations. Moreover, you can talk about future, hopes, dreams and just a day ahead.



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