How to Wake Up Early in the Morning and Feel Bright

How to Wake Up Early in the Morning and Feel BrightYou must know at least one person in your social circle, who can easily wake up in the morning and smile. However, you're not that type and you wake up in the mood of a dead trout and the morning seems to be the worst thing that could happen to you. These tips will help you start waking up early in the morning and feel bright.

Use natural light to wake up. Sunlight stops the release of hormone melatonin in your body, that is produced to sleep. And if you have blind curtains, adjust them to let the light come into your bedroom early in the morning. It's hard to sleep, when it's bright outside. However, it's not working in winter. In this case you can use a natural light alarm clock, that gradually increases the brightness in the room to mimic the daylight before the alarm goes off.

Move the alarm. Many people would like to have their alarm clock next to the bed and be able to push the “snooze” button without getting out of a warm bed. But once you get up, you're likely not to go to bed again! Just put the alarm clock on the other side of the room and you will have to get up to turn it off.

Take shower. Once you got up, it's time to refresh and start a new day. And there is nothing more awakening, than a shower! Alternate warm and cold temperature of water to wake up and stimulate the lymphatic system. Also use shower gels with citrus fruit or mint scents. These scents will make you feel full of energy.

Keep moving. Any physical exercise will stimulate you brain and body, and you won't feel drowsy at work. Running and morning yoga will keep you fit and healthy, but if it sounds too much for you, then try to do at least couple of stretches. They will produce the same effect on your body and you start moving.

Practice the right attitude. How often do you go to bed and think about the next morning and the way how awful you will feel? You might even never think of it, but subconsciously you know how terrible the next morning will be. And actually it is, because you've set this attitude to waking up. And if you imagine, how you wake up and you're full of energy, you're likely to feel this way. So never forget to practice the right attitude to the morning.

Sleep enough. You will never wake up in a good mood, unless you sleep enough. For instance, a teenager needs about 10 hours of sleep at night, and waking them up earlier won't give any good result. Adults need 7-8 hours of sleep at night, and how long do you actually sleep? If you go to bed late at night and can't wake up in the morning, because you've slept just for 5 hours, don't expect to feel bright, because your body is still tired.



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