8 Date Ideas Without Eating Food

8 Date Ideas Without Eating FoodGoing for a date usually means that you will be eating some food. At some point going to cafes or restaurants sounds boring, or you just can't afford it because of your tight budget. But you can spend great time together with your date and don't eat a single doughnut. Here are 8 great date ideas without eating food.

#1 Go for a walk. Walking in a park is fun, especially, if the weather is fine. You can chat a lot to get to know each other better. And when you're tired, have a rest on a bench. This date doesn't involve eating food, however, you can take a bottle of water, just in case you get thirsty.

#2 Go to museum. There are so many interesting museums open for you! Choose any museum or art gallery and enjoy the exhibits. Eating in museums is prohibited, that's why nothing will distract you.

#3 Flea market. Yard sales are great and you should visit them at least once. You and your date may find many interesting and cool things that people don't need any more and would like to get rid of them. Who knows, may be you will find there something you've been dreaming about for a long time.

#4 Workshops. In case you already know that you and your partner have alike interests, you can enjoy any kind of workshop together. Join any workshop and create something. By the way, you even don't have to be talented, if you join, for instance, painting lesson. Instructors go step by step, that's why you will definitely manage to finish you picture. Such dates are really fun.

#5 Go stargazing or bird watching together. It's hard to find something more romantic, than stargazing. Wait till darkness, take a soft blanket and find a place where only two of you will be present. If you're an early bird and can't wait till it's late enough for stars, then go to your local park and watch the birds. You can take some bread to feed birds, thus making your date a lot funnier.

#6 Make sand castles together. A weekend at the seashore is like a mini-vacation. You enjoy your time and can have fun on the beach. Well, if you don't live close to a sea or ocean, then you can built sand castles anywhere you find some sand. Even in your backyard!

#7 Climb a mountain. Well, it sounds a bit too dangerous and adventurous for those who has never done so, but don't cross out this idea immediately. Start from a rock-climbing gym, where it's always safe and fun to climb a wall.

#8 Go bowling. This is a great idea for colder seasons, when it's hard to think about any activities outside. Contrary to popular belief, bowling and beer, don't go hand-in-hand.



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