7 Things to Know About Dating a Nerd

7 Things to Know About Dating a NerdThe term “nerd” is often used pejoratively, and many girls think that nerds are not boyfriend material. If you're into bad boys or jocks, you probably won't want to date a nerd. But if you like smart guys, you will be able to see the appeal of the nerd. Here are some things for you to know about dating a nerd.

They are intelligent. Most nerds have high IQ and are eager to learn new things. More importantly, they are actually able to use this knowledge in real life that's why they usually have a decent job. Their intelligence also means that they are able to carry a conversation, so you will never be bored. Oh, and when we say they are eager to learn and try new things, we mean in all areas, sex included.

They can make you laugh. Intelligence often comes with a great sense of humor, so if you like guys who can make you laugh, a nerd is exactly what you are looking for. We can't guarantee you will get all of his jokes at once (remember: freakishly smart), but the longer you are together, the more attuned you become to his sense of humor. One more great thing is that nerds are never too cool to laugh at themselves.

They don't play games. Nerds and bad boys are the very opposite, but they have one thing in common. They don't like to play games, although for different reasons. Bad boys are straightforward, nerds are sincere. If a nerd likes you, he likes you. He won't play hot and cold. If you need a man you can be sure of, a nerd is a good choice.

Many of them are introverted. Although a socially awkward nerd is a cliché, many nerds are indeed introverts. This doesn't mean that they are bad at communication, they just need time to open up. If you want to know how to deal with introverts, check out our article “7 Things to Remember if You Are Friends With an Introvert”, you might find it helpful.

They are eager to please. Most nerds aren't exactly showered with female attention, so if a girl gives them a chance, they will be sure to treat her right. A nerd can have peculiar date ideas, but he will never be a jerk towards you. Expect to be treated with the respect you deserve.

They let you be yourself. A great thing about dating a nerd is that you don't need to put on a show. Nerds typically don't care about sexy clothes and makeup, so you are free to be yourself around them.

They are all different. “Nerd”, “jock”, “geek”, etc. are just labels. When you are dating someone, you are dating a person, not a set of stereotypes. So if you like a guy who is considered nerdy and he likes you back, just go for it and don't think about what nerds are expected to be like.



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