7 Things You Should Know About Your Partner Before Getting Married

7 Things You Should Know About Your Partner Before Getting MarriedMany people believe that marriage certificate is just a piece of paper, that no one needs at all to be happy with the second half. However, still there are plenty of believers in marriage, thinking, that it will make their relations more sustainable. And if so, then why do about 50 percent of marriages end with a divorce? These 7 things you should know about your partner before getting married will help you avoid the marriage, that could have an unhappy end.

#1 Medical history. Before you get married with your partner, you should know about their medical history. It's important to know about all their genetic diseases, including those that their family members have, or general health problems, like heart problems, diabetes, asthma etc. This knowledge will help you plan the arrival of a baby, or even can save the life of your partner, if something happens.

#2 Different beliefs. Living with someone, who has different religion, might be very difficult. While you date, you don't see all the inner world of this practice. And when you become one family, then you always need to keep in mind the restrictions that their religion applies. It's not a game, when it comes to the family matter.

#3 Having kids. It's actually the thing that you had to talk about long time ago, if you still didn't. Does your partner want kids or not? Although you think that having a baby is what everyone is dreaming of, many couples choose to be childfree. There can also be fertility problems, that can cause unneeded regrets (remember about the medical history of your partner?). And don't forget to talk about other ways of having a baby, if there is such a desire. For instance, will you partner accept adoption or surrogacy? You never know what can or cannot happen.

#4 Money issues. Do you actually know how much your partner earns and does they have any debts or bad credit history? Finding out that you're broke right after the wedding isn't very fun, especially, when their debts become your debts too. So it won't harm you at all, if you ask your partner several questions about his income and credit history.

#5 Being proud of you. Are you sure that your second half is proud of you and your achievements. Any other question than “Yes” should lead to some extra investigation, what exactly your partner isn't pleased with. And by the way, you shouldn't bow to any demands of your partner, so it's important, that your partner is happy with you the way you are, before you take the next step.

#6 Future. You never know what will happen, but you always have some plans. For instance, you see yourself in a house with kids, having a good job or traveling around the world. And do you know, how your partner sees the future? Your views should be similar, otherwise you will end up in a family, where spouses constantly fight with each other.

#7 Infidelity. No, you don't have to ask, whether your partner has ever cheated on you or others (may be you already know about it), however, you need to know, what your partner thinks of infidelity. We don't say, that you partner or you have intention to cheat, but it's really a good question, that worth discussion.



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