6 Great Ideas for Dating a Bookworm

6 Great Ideas for Dating a BookwormSome people can't live without books and it seems that then spend all their free time reading. If you're going to date a bookworm, you may find it difficult to communicate with this person. Our ideas for dating a bookworm will help you organize a romantic date to feel like in a love novel.

When it comes to dating a person who loves reading, usual places you like to go out are not the best variant. Bookworms prefer cosy hooks and quiet places, where they can enjoy reading an interesting book. Keep this in mind in search for the best place for date.

Date idea #1: coffee shop or tea place. Bookworms are not only about reading. They also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the right place. Look for coffee shops that are cosy and welcoming for readers. Your date will definitely enjoy time spent there, even if they come without a book.

Date idea #2: museum, exhibition, art gallery. You don't have to be a bookworm to enjoy visiting an exhibition, art gallery or a museum! However, these places are just perfect for a date with a bookworm. By the way, if you also like going there, you will spend a great time together.

Date idea #3: open space. In case if you have no more places to go out or your favorite coffee shop is closed, then it's time to take your book lover to a park. Take a blanket and enjoy a sit on a grassy lawn in the shadow of the trees. Your date will enjoy this time and you can chat or read together. By the way, you also can play word games, like scrabble or boggle. If your date already finds these games boring, you can invent your own.

Date idea #4: beach. Who told you, that people can't enjoy laying in the sun and reading a book? It's a perfect weekend getaway for many people! Just make sure that your date is hydrated enough and covered by a sun block lotion.

Date idea #5: cinema. This might be tricky, but in case if you find an appropriate film you will spend a great time together. Bookworms usually don't like going to cinema, but they can agree on watching a movie version of a book. Even if your date doesn't like the movie, you still can spend a great time together. Turn disappointment into discussion and highlight the scenes that were not included or what was added extra. Beware: you have to read the book first to start a discussion with your date.

Date idea #6: shopping. If you're looking for books to buy, then a bookworm will be the right person to help. Your date will tell you the best shopping places. By the way, you will learn about the places where you can buy special gifts for your date.

You see that these ideas are rather simple, but they can help you make your dates and relationships with a person who loves reading more interesting!



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