What to Call Your In-Laws

What to Call Your In-LawsWedding isn't only about binding your life with one special person, it's also about becoming a member of the second family, the family, that raised your spouse. And now their mom and dad are mother-in-law and father-in-law, that brings the problem of naming them. Should you call them by their names or use words “Mom” and “Dad” instead? Let's see, what you should call your in-laws.

Many in-laws would appreciate calling them “Mom” and “Dad”, because it shows great respect. By the way, it's natural name for them. However, many daughters- and sons-in-law think, that they have only one mom and dad, who raised them, and no one can take their place. So calling someone else, no matter how deep your relations are, “Mom” and “Dad” is impossible. Well, it's your right to have this point of view, and no one will tell you, that it's wrong. So if you can't make yourself do it, then tell it your in-laws about it and give your explanation why. Be gentle, because your refuse to call your in-laws “Mom” and “Dad” might hurt them.

Follow the example of the rest of the family. If your spouse has got a married sibling, then you can follow the example what the in-laws are called in the family. If it's “Mom” and “Dad”, then you can't do anything with it, because changing the tradition and adding one more name is rude.

Ask your in-laws, how they want to be called. Don't be ashamed to talk to your in-laws about this thing, because it's something important and needs discussion. You might be surprised, what your will in-laws tell you. It actually can be their first names!

There is nothing wrong if you use first names to call your in-laws. However, if you think that it's not respectful enough, then yo can add “Miss” or “Mister” before the names of your in-laws. Doing it shows your great respect, although it might sound a bit awkward to you or your in-laws.

Sometimes the first name isn't comfortable to use, that's why one or two of in-laws are given an invented name, which is mutually agreeable to all parties. The pet names are usually greatly appreciated, because they mean a lot, and they also distinguish your parent-in-law from thousands of others with the same name around the world.

Whatever you are going to call your parents-in-law, never use the names, that the previous spouse of your significant one used. Recycling the names from the first marriage usually makes everyone feel upset. So if it's your spouse's second marriage, then start from scratch!



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