6 Wedding Color Mistakes to Avoid

6 Wedding Color Mistakes to AvoidDo you know what colors you want to use for your wedding? Are they your favorite or trendy ones? Or do you want to make wedding decoration look like a rainbow? Just because you want to do something, it doesn't mean that it will work the way you imagine. Here are 6 wedding color mistakes, that you should avoid.

Mistake #1: two distinct colors. You know that elegance is in simplicity, that's why you want to use only two colors that perfectly match each other, like pink and gray, or white and red. But using only two distinct colors will look really boring. Don't limit yourself to two colors only and use up to 5 colors. However, make sure that three of them are neutral (like white, beige, brown and gray) and make the perfect background for bright distinct colors.

Mistake #2: too many colors. It's a good tip for those, who love many color combos and can't choose something one, that's why they try to combine everything. Narrow your color palette and stick to three or four colors, this way you will avoid the chaotic look of your wedding.

Mistake #3: trendy colors. Trendy wedding colors change every year, and you might get inspired by other weddings seen in magazines. And if you want to use the trendy colors, first of all ask yourself, whether you really like them, because it's you who will live with them. In case you still want to use some trendy colors, try to incorporate them into your wedding palette as a trendy hue, instead of a trendy distinct color. Combine it with other colors, that you really love.

Mistake #4: predictable combos. There are some color combos, that lead to certain associations, for instance, red and green, red, white and blue. If you really love the way these colors are combined, but you don't want your wedding look like an Independence Day or Christmas party, then use riskier color combos. For instance, a bit of yellow will make red and green combination not so Christmasy, or you can change red and green to pale pink and green. Also try to avoid the combo of red and yellow, that reminds of popular fast food chain. Adding some white will break the association.

Mistake #5: don't force the color match of flowers. Trying to match the flowers with your wedding palette is one of the biggest mistakes. The problem is that not all flowers have the natural shades that you want to use, moreover, some of them are seasonal and will cost you a fortune to use them for your wedding. Instead of this ask your florist to make centerpieces, that contain flowers of neutral colors. And your color can be added to them by using ribbons of vases.

Mistake #6: seasonal palettes. Having wedding in winter doesn't mean that you have to stick to silver, white and blue. You can use any colors you love, no matter what the particular season of the year is outside. By the way, paring your own palette with seasonal flowers will look like a complement to seasonally inspired décor elements.



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