Where to Find Wedding Inspiration

Where to Find Wedding InspirationSo, you are going to get married and need to start planning your wedding ASAP, but you have no ideas. You're stuck and your wedding is going to suck, no rhyme intended. Don't be upset, there are plenty of sources you can draw inspiration from. Here are some tips for finding wedding inspiration and planning your perfect wedding.

Think about your favorite things. What's your favorite color, flower, location, book, movie, song, era? For example, you are a huge Lord of the Rings fan. Or you have always dreamed of being born in the 1950s. Or you love spending time in a country house. Here's your inspiration for a themed wedding! Just make sure your fiancé(e) is on board, because it's their wedding, too.

Use fashion and design magazines and blogs. We are not saying that you should blindly follow the latest trends, but these trends can be a source of great ideas. You don't have to replicate everything you see in fashion magazines, but you can take the idea and change it up so it suits your personalities. And don't forget about wedding magazines and websites, that's what they exist for.

Browse Pinterest. Pinterest is a great source of ideas and visual inspiration. Just type “wedding ideas” into the site's search bar and see for yourself! Pinterest will offer you additional search terms (colors, seasons, themes, etc.) to narrow down the search results, maybe one of these terms will inspire you. The site allows to create mood boards, so you will be able to save everything you've found.

Check out the venue. If you've already picked the venue, let it inspire you. A high-end restaurant is great for a vintage Hollywood wedding, while a barn venue calls for a rustic wedding. Pay attention to the architecture, décor, colors and details, they might prompt you something.

Keep the season in mind. Certain seasons or even specific dates may provide wedding inspiration and influence on your stylistic choices. If you get married in summer, think about a beach wedding. If you are planning a spring wedding, decorate everything with flowers. Besides, each season is associated with certain colors: fresh green and light pink for spring, bright colors for summer, orange and brown for fall, white and silver for winter.

Think about other people's weddings. Once again, we are not saying you should copy them, but you can learn from other people's experience. Think about the things you liked about the weddings you attended. Google most unusua or unique weddings. Ask your respective parents about their wedding. Whether you actually find any ideas or not, this will at least get you thinking.



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