How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Date

How to Choose a Perfect Wedding DateChoosing the wedding date is the first major decision you have to make as a couple. And there are many things to consider, if you want everything to be fine and all your guests (at least majority) to come. We give you useful tips on how to choose a perfect wedding date.

Season. It's the very first thing that you have to take into account. Most couples prefer getting married during summer, when it's warm and sunny, while others opt for yellow colors of autumn and delicious mulled cider. Think what season of the year inspires you and what kind of decoration you would like to see behind you: blossoming garden, white trees or baskets of apples and pumpkins. The season you will choose will affect the mood of your wedding.

Your budget. The fees that you will have to pay to your vendors may influence the choice of your wedding date. June, September and October (at some places also August) are the most popular months for wedding, that's why the prices go up. If you want to save, then opt for out-of-season months, like November, December or March. The vendors will cut their prices half. The venues also have different prices, but they mostly depend on the day of the week. For instance, Saturday night prices are the highest, while Friday and Sunday nights are cheaper. The least expensive days are in the mid of the week.

Symbolism. You can choose a date that is symbolic for two of you. For instance, the date when you first met or officially became a couple. Even wedding anniversary of your grandparents is also symbolic for one of you. However, you might not find venues and vendors available for that special date, that's why try to make it as close as possible to it.

Holidays. Getting married during a holiday season is very romantic and can provide you with some extra ideas for your wedding inspiration and decoration. However, holidays are not always the best choice. Also beware the dates that should definitely be avoided.

Check your VIPs. The date of your wedding may depend on availability of your VIP guests. In case your dearest people have some conflicts with the date you prefer, then you have to change the plans. Make sure that you don't ask too many people, otherwise you will never choose the date for your wedding.

Take plenty of time. Wedding can be pulled together within months or weeks, but in this case the costs will be much higher and you will have to sacrifice many things. Think, if you're ready for that. If no, then take plenty of time for preparation and check the vendors and venues. Many of them have to be ordered about 12-18 months in advance. Also check if the photographer and DJ you want are available on the date of your wedding. The time you have you can spend for planning the things that are truly important to you.



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