How to Choose Your Wedding Color

How to Choose Your Wedding ColorIt only seems that picking wedding palette is very easy. In fact, it's very stressful, because you might want to implement many ideas or inspired by something you've seen and just can't fit it into your own wedding. If you don't know where to start, then read our tips on how to choose your wedding color.

First of all you need to find a location where you will have your wedding. When you get the right venue, start picking wedding hues. Old warehouses, lofts and tents are all blank, that's why they are perfect for any color you choose. Here you can add as much or as little as you want to make the place look perfect. If you see that the colors you'd like to use don't look good with the venue, you will have to change the palette. Trying to make the venue fit might need too many actions and decorations, thus increasing your budget. And we're sure you've got plenty other things to spend money on.

Now let's choose your wedding color palette. You already have two or three colors you'd like to choose, now try to bind them with the season of the year, when you have your wedding. The general rule says, that pastel hues are perfect for wedding in spring, bright and juicy colors are to be used during summer, combine bright colors with golden tones for fall wedding and use cold sparkling colors in winter. This is a general rule, but it doesn't mean that you have to leave the idea to use silver or champagne colors in summer or palette hues in winter.

The colors you choose help you set the mood of your wedding. Think, what kind of impression you want to make on your guests. If you're going for a drama, than dark hues are more preferable than pastel. The latter is good for the light, happy and comforting mood. So think about the atmosphere you want to make and use the colors from the corresponding palette.

You might like some certain colors, but it doesn't mean that you really can combine them for your wedding. It's not a good idea to combine pink and red, brown and yellow, yellow and minty green. There are many combinations that just don't look good. If you don't want to make a mistake, consult a color wheel to pair the colors. In general, two opposite colors (like coral and turquoise) and neighboring colors (like yellow and melon orange) look great.

Don't get upset, if you find out that two colors you've chosen can't be combined. Have a look at combination of your favorite colors with others. You may discover new combinations, that you will definitely like. Search for good sources of inspiration!

Choosing the wedding palette is very hard, but at the same time don't try to make everything stick to color. Use these tips as a guideline instead of a rule and make color additive to the style of your wedding, formality, mood and texture.



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