What to Do If Your BFF Disapproves of Your Significant Other

What to Do If Your BFF Disapproves of Your Significant OtherYour best friend is one of the most important people in your life, and their opinion surely matters to you a lot. But what to do if your best friend doesn't like another important person in your life – your boyfriend or girlfriend? How to deal with this delicate situation?

If your BFF disapproves of your significant other (we deliberately didn't use the word “hate”, but sometimes people really dislike their friends' partners THAT much), it is not something you can ignore. If you wait for the situation to resolve itself, you will lose either your friend or your significant other (or even both of them), and you certainly don't want that. So what should you do?

First and foremost, talk to your friend. Even your friend doesn't like your loved one (or you suspect they don't), simply ask them what is wrong. Don't confront your friend, you don't need a fight right now. Tell them that their opinion is important to you and you genuinely want to hear them out.

Maybe your significant other has said or done something you BFF disapproves of – in this case you definitely have something to think about. Or maybe your friend just doesn't know them well enough and has a gut feeling. Sometimes it is just a matter of conflicting personalities.

If your friend has a valid reason to dislike your significant other, you probably should reconsider your life choices. We aren't saying that your must break up with you boyfriend/girlfriend right away, but you definitely should take a closer look at their behavior and check whether your best friend has a point. If your BFF dislikes your partner for no particular reason, you have two main options. You can try to make things work between all of you or you can stop hanging out with your friend.

The matter is that if your best friend is a really good friend, they will try to get over their irrational disapproval and get to know your boyfriend or girlfriend better. So try hanging out together and see how it goes. Your should act as a buffer for them and prevent any awkward situations.

If this doesn't work out and your boyfriend/girlfriend and best friend just don't click, don't try to force them to like each other. Sometimes people just have conflicting personalities, that doesn't mean that either is them is a bad person. You will have to spend time with your best friend and your loved one separately, just make sure each of them gets enough of your attention. If your friend hates your significant other because they are jealous and feel excluded from your life, spending enough quality time with them and letting them know you still care might help.

Your best friend won't always like the person you're dating, this is okay. But if they really are your friend, they will at least try to be nice to your significant other and won't make you choose between them and your loved one. And you shouldn't abandon your friends for your significant other, it is important that you find a balance between friends time and love life.



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