So You Hate Your Friend's Boyfriend

So You Hate Your Friend's BoyfriendBeing a human means that you like and dislike some things, as well as people. You can't like everyone around you, and it's actually not a problem for you. But what if you meet your best friend's boyfriend and known that you absolutely dislike him from the first sight? What should you do if you hate your friend's boyfriend?

Disliking your friend's boyfriend may be really disgusting, and it can put an end to your friendship. But think, whether your want to lose your BF because of some dude, who's absolutely no match for such a girl like she is? We're sure that you don't want to let it happen, that's why it's time to think about your own attitude to this guy.

Ask yourself, why do you really dislike your best friend's boyfriend? Are you jealous, or was he rude to you or your friend? If your feelings have nothing to do with his behavior, then it's you who has to change your opinion about this guy. And you can do it by giving him the second chance.

Try to hang out together with your friend's boyfriend more often and find something special about him. May be you will discover, that a gentle soul is hiding under this disgusting outfit. Whenever you stay around your friend's boyfriend, try to forget about your first impression and feel comfortable. If it helps, then your problem is solved. However, you may discover, that now you hate this dude even more then before.

No matter how many reasons you have to dislike this guy, just stay polite with him and don't tell anything bad about him to your friend. You don't want to lose friendship because of that guy. Staying polite doesn't mean that you have to smile like crazy whenever you see your friend's boyfriend. Saying “Hi” is enough when you see him, and when he's around, focus mainly on your friend.

We know that you want to spend more time with your friend, but instead of this she's always together with her boyfriend. Ask your friend for “girls only” nights, and explain it by the reason, that you appreciate your time spent together. This is a very simple way to stay with your friend and avoid seeing her boyfriend.

Remember, that you shouldn't talk dirty about your friend's boyfriend whether you're with your BF or with other friends of yours. It won't help in your situation, but really can make things worse. If you have no real reason why you don't like this guy, just keep silence. Sooner or later, your friend will need you close to her.

Now let's talk about the situation, when you known that your best friend's boyfriend abuses her, cheated on her or did something bad behind her back. It's the only case when you have to talk to your friend about it. She'll, probably, start defending her relationship, but you have to tell her, that you don't want to lose her and want to keep the friendship. If your BF is in an abusive relationship, your support will help her to end it.



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