How to Respond to Terrible Pick-Up Lines

How to Respond to Terrible Pick-Up LinesMost girls have experience of being hit on by guys who use really bad pick-up lines. One hell of an awkward situation! How to deal with it? Here are some ideas on how to respond to terrible pick-up lines.

Why do guys use terrible pick-up lines? Well, this might be one of the biggest mysteries in the Universe. There is no way in hell they believe these lines actually work, right? As a matter of fact, some of them do. Guys who use such lines typically have low to no sense of humor and are too confident or, on the contrary, not confident enough. How to deal with guys who think saying something like “There's a party in my pants and you're invited” will help them get laid?

Come up with a witty retort. When a guy asks you, “Is it hot here, or is it just you?”, tell him, “Actually, it’s you. Because you just crashed and burned.” A sassy comeback will let the guy know that you are confident and can stand up for yourself. It will also throw him off balance because most guys who rely on horrendous lines don't expect to be sassed.

The problem with this strategy is that most pick-up lines are so ridiculously unpredictable (or unpredictably ridiculous) that it might be hard to respond immediately. The other problem is that guys who use such lines typically don't get dry wit, so you sarcasm might remain unappreciated.

Smile and politely tell the guy you are not interested. Sometimes it is enough. Not all guys who use bad pick-up lines are obnoxious frat boys. If he is a decent yet misguided person, he will understand and back off.

Slap the guy. Some bad pick-up lines are relatively harmless, but some are dirty and offensive. If you hate being objectified (and who doesn't?) and want to slap the bastard, don't hold back. Just be prepared to be called a bitch.

Ignore them. If you can't come up with a witty comeback and don't want to resort to physical violence, just ignore the guy. He might try to use a couple more pick-up lines, but if you act like he isn't there, he will get bored and leave you alone. If he doesn't, that's harassment, so don't be shy to call security or ask people for help.

Give the guy a second chance. Some guys use terrible pick-up lines because they really don't know how to flirt, desperately want to learn, but have no one to teach them. If the guy seems nervous and shy, give him a second chance to start a conversation, but this time without lame and cheesy lines. He might turn out sweet and funny when he's not actively trying to impress.



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