How to Make Your Dating Profile More Attractive

How to Make Your Dating Profile More AttractiveMeeting online isn't very easy, although dating sites are great places where you can find your love. Instead of pasting and sending your standard message to hundreds of strangers hoping that someone will reply you, invest time in your profile. Our tips will help you make your dating profile more attractive.

Describing Yourself

Do you know what's the hardest thing you will have to deal with? It's describing yourself. There are many problems that you will have: too long or too short description and lack of interesting things about you.

Now let's begin with the length of your description. Women love to read long intros, that's why they write so much in their dating profiles. Unfortunately, men don't read them. So here's the first tip for ladies: write less and be more concrete. Our second tip is for guys: try to write a bit more than one sentence.

Now let's see how you'd describe yourself. Is it something like “I like eating out, music and running”? It's a standard answer and many people give it. The problem is that this answer doesn't give your possible partners any information to talk about. Instead of using a boring sentence like above, you could add more details while describing yourself. Details is what makes all of us more interesting.

Let's take an example: you like music. Well, everyone does it! And now let's be more specific about your liking. What kind of music do you like to listen to? Is there a song that is usually playing when you're driving? What do you feel when you listen to it? Do you listen to music when you do something else? See, how many details you can add to your profile? And it will make you more interesting, because now you're not general.

Your Picture

While your description of yourself is you CV, your picture is your face and you have to be attractive. And there are also many things you can do about it to improve your dating profile. First of all use recent pictures. Many people complain that they like someone on the picture, but when they meet, they see totally different person.

Choose a picture where you're smiling. A happy smile attracts more people than a sexy pout.

A tip for men: use pictures, that were made outdoors by someone else. Such pictures attract women. And a tip for women: use selfies made indoors, and you are likely to have more attention!

Include pictures that would tell something about you, even if your face is not clearly seen. For instance, you love skiing, then why don't you use a picture where you're in the mountains? Pictures that tell about your social hobbies make you more interesting to the opposite sex.

And the last tip: use your summer pictures. Winter pics don't attract as much attention as summer ones. So grab pictures made during the holidays and choose the best ones to be included in your profile.