5 Reasons Why You Will Never Meet the Right Person in a Bar

5 Reasons Why You Will Never Meet the Right Person in a BarA bar is usually the first place you could think of, if you're looking for singles. Yes, indeed. However, your chances to meet Mr. Right are very low. If you don't believe it, then here are 5 reasons why you will never meet the right person in a bar.

A bar is the one of the most popular places to go out with friends. Yes, you intend to relax only, but you're always alert of possibility to meet someone interesting. It's the main reason why you spend an hour stretching your hair and applying mascara just to see your friends and drink some beer in a bar.

Well, let's face the truth, the bars are not the best place to look for a person you need. Yes, it's possible to find your second half there, but the chances are the same as you meet at a bus-stop or a baseball game. Looking for a right person in a bar may be a way to find new relations, but it shouldn't take more then 10-20 percent of your strategic effort. You'd better concentrate on other more effective ways and places, like coffee houses, parties at your friend's house, weddings, classes and even online matching.

If the bars are still one of your primary places to meet new people, remember the reasons why you should change your opinion about them.

#1 People go there to drink and get crazy. It's not a coffee shop and not a library. It's the place where guys usually come to get drunk, blow off steam and have fun. They don't hold the auditions of the bar as the future mothers of their children.

#2 Men look for casual hookups. Guys who are great people in the relations don't go to bars to look for a girlfriend. If a good guy sees you drinking beer in a bar together with your friends, you all by default are assumed as sluts.

#3 Bars are anonymous. Men love meeting women in bars, because they have anonymity. The bars see a lot of turnover and it's very easy to disappear afterwards. You never know who you're talking to: a newlywed who's looking for a hookup or a serial killer.

#4 Women also look for hookups. Bars are usually full of drunk women. If you're sober enough to watch, then you will notice that drunk women usually leave the bar with strangers. It's also possible to see one of them giving a guy a blow job in the ladies room. In fact these women are your real rivals of the night.

#5 You're drunk and everything looks better. When you're drunk everything and everyone looks better. Now you both seem to like each other, but wait until morning. We bet you would like to forget the moment of waking up next to an ugly guy.



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