7 Tips for Meeting a Guy at the Gym

7 Tips for Meeting a Guy at the GymIf you're looking for a committed relationship (or at least something more than a one night stand), don't expect to meet the man of your dreams at the local bar. We suggest that you try your luck in more unconventional places. For example, the gym is actually not a bad place to meet guys. Here are some tips for meeting a guy at the gym.

Tip #1. Choose your gym, become a regular and stick to your schedule. Since the gym isn't the most conventional place for meeting potential partners, you shouldn't expect that the guy you've approached will ask you out after your very first conversation. If you want to meet him again, you need to be a regular. Most gym-goers have a workout schedule and stick to it, so if your schedules coincide, you will probably see him the next time you go to the gym.

Tip #2. Clothing is important. You want to look your best when you meet the guy for the first time, but is it possible to look good in workout clothes? Of course, it is! If you want to meet a guy at the gym, buy a couple of new outfits in flattering colors. Make sure they are neither too large nor too small. You should also keep in mind that they should not be too revealing. If your workout attire is too sexy, most guys will instantly understand that you don't take the gym seriously and have come there to get laid.

Tip #3. Timing is important. Don't approach the guy when he is in the middle of a workout, because flirting is the last thing on his mind when he's doing cardio or lifting weights. Wait until he takes a break or approach him when he's on his way into or out of the gym. We also recommend that you don't approach a guy on your (or his) first visit to the gym, wait until you've seen each other a few times so that you're not complete strangers anymore.

Tip #4. Make yourself approachable. If you're waiting for guys to approach you first, make the task easier for them. For example, you will hardly meet many guys at a yoga or Pilates class, so we suggest that you choose cardio exercises instead. And take your earphones off!

Tip #5. Talk about workout. One of the benefits of meeting guys at the gym is that you will have at least one topic for conversation. You can talk to him about his workout routine, ask him to show you how to use a machine or give you some tips. Don't try too hard to impress him with your body, conversational skills are important as well.

Tip #6. Don't hit on trainers. Even if your trainer is insanely hot, try to keep your relationship strictly professional. A little innocent flirting is okay, but if it becomes something more, it may affect your results.

Tip#7. Take it seriously. First and foremost, you're here to work out and not to pick guys. So make sure you're taking your workout seriously. Don't wear revealing clothes or makeup (see tip #2), don't take selfies and don't interfere with other gym-goers. Remember that gym etiquette is important.



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