5 Reasons to Stop Taking Too Many Selfies

5 Reasons to Stop Taking Too Many SelfiesSocial networking sites are flooded with selfies these days, the phenomenon has become so widespread that the world “selfie” was announced as being the word of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. There is nothing wrong with taking a selfie every now and then, but it shouldn't become an obsession. Here are five reasons to stop taking too many selfies.

1. No one really cares. Most people post selfies to get attention. But unless you're a celebrity, no one really cares about your selfies except maybe your BFF and your mom. In fact, taking too many selfies will make you lose followers as very few people can appreciate when their entire timeline seems to consist of hundreds of selfies. Your obsession with selfies makes you come across as a self-absorbed attention whore.

2. It may harm your self-esteem in the long run. A lot of people take selfies because they help boost their self-esteem. However, this boost is temporary. The feeling of being satisfied with a great picture of yourself will go away eventually, and you will start struggling with your self-image again. Taking a break from posting selfies will help you get out of the vicious circle and start valuing yourself for your personality instead of your looks.

3. Posting selfies can create negativity. There are a lot of bullies on the Internet, and selfies make you an easy target. Bullies criticize people who post a lot of selfies, hurting their feelings and creating negativity. When Internet trolls mock your selfie, they actually mock you and you looks which lowers your self-esteem.

4. You will enjoy life more. People who are too preoccupied with taking selfies forget to enjoy the experience. For example, when you are taking a selfie in front of a historic site, you're concentrating on taking a good picture and don't notice the beauty of the site. And the beauty is what really matters. Stop taking selfies, and you will also stop missing out exciting experiences. If you want to take a photo of something beautiful, go for it, but don't make it about you.

5. You won't be dependent on other people's opinions. Let's be honest: after you've posted a selfie, you're dying to know what your followers think. If your confidence is dependent on positive opinions, one snarky remark will be enough to bring you down. Overly valuing others' opinions on your looks can make you miserable. Don't define your self-worth by how other people see you. There actually are very few people in your life whose opinions are worth listening to, and you don't need to take selfies to get their opinion.



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