How to Love Yourself

How to Love YourselfYou might have heard those words that you need to love yourself before starting new relations, and love your body because you're unique... But the question is how can you really do it, if you don't see anything special in you, have 20 pounds to lose or dislike your appearance? It's time to find out how to love yourself.

Whenever you feel very miserable, you find yourself curled up on a sofa and listening to sad music. You force yourself for any actions, including eating and taking shower. You don't want to do anything, you feel so bad and can't cope with the feeling of hatred towards yourself. You feel like a total loser and there's nothing to love in you. Stop here! Let's start to work on your own self-love.

Stop comparing yourself with others. Don't look at what others have achieved and you haven't. The life of every person is unique and you have your own way to go. Besides, you never know what others had to go through to possess the things they have now.

Love your body the way it is. You're not so fat as you think and your body fat has nothing to do with your qualities. Start exercising not because it is good for your appearance. Exercising is primarily useful for your health, the better you feel, the fitter you get.

Find something you're best in. You're definitely not a total loser and you have something that you are very good at. You might not know it yet, that's why keep looking. May be you get along well with kids and should devote your life to them!

Spend more time with your friends. Your need some social activity that's why spend more time with your friends. These people make you feel great and cheer you up no matter how you look and feel. Remember, that friends stay forever, while partners come and go. Cherish your friends.

Forgive people who hurt you. Many people might have hurt you, but you don't have to remember it all the time. Everything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You're stronger, better and, thus, happier.

Take care of your appearance. It's great to take care of your appearance, because it makes you feel much better. You know that you're super hot in that dress or you look more attractive with this hairdo, then why don't you do it? Pay attention to your hair, skin, manicure, pedicure and you will feel great!

Don't try to please everyone around. It's impossible make everyone like you, that's why stop it. You don't have to do what everyone around is doing. And don't have to ask their permission. It's very important what you want to do, because you give a day of your own life for it.

Do something that makes you happy and do it everyday. Invest in activities you care about, because life's too short to postpone them.

Believe in yourself and your abilities. You can do anything, because it's possible. You only have to figure out, who you are, what you want and claim it as a part of who you are. Believe, that you're worthy to have it.

Be less serious about all that is going on around you. Don't take life too seriously. Loosen up and smile, especially if the things don't go the way you planned. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself, because people who can laugh have a better sense of life.



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