How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to OthersYou always have somebody who is better, more successful and richer than you and it really makes you feel bad. You start comparing yourself to your friend or co-worker to see what you could, but haven't managed to achieve. Stop making your life miserable and comparing yourself to others. Our tips will help you do this.

Whenever you compare yourself to other people, you do only harm to your own life. You concentrate on your bad traits and on the best that you presumably know about others. Do you really think that this is fair to you? Instead of moving forward and starting living your life the way you want, you think about the success of others and become jealous. It takes your time that you could spend on self improvement.

Nobody can be compared, because everyone is a unique person. Everyone has own way to go and own life to live. You have a unique set of talents and gifts that find their purpose in this world, that's why you really can't be compared to anyone else (even if you have a twin sibling).

Comparing yourself to others has too many negative effects on your life and they are far-reaching. You don't concentrate your attention on the ways of making your life better. Instead of this you suffer and blame everyone for the life you have. Your happiness is in your hands and the following tips will help you understand it and overcome your problem.

Never look at success of others and become totally aware of your own achievements. You already had something great in your past life. If was your own success that has to inspire your now. Whenever you want to think about things that other people achieved, concentrate your thoughts on the things you have and be thankful for them. Gratitude will help you realize the real price of the things that you already have.

Don't think that money makes everyone happy. There are some greater things in this world to be pursued – love, selflessness, empathy, generosity. They will make you happy and, maybe, you already have them. You never know how other people you compare yourself to suffer and what price they had to pay to have the things they possess now.

Competition isn't always good, because it makes everyone find their own way to become better then others. Instead of this you could unite and together to achieve something bigger. When you understand that competition gives you nothing good, you will become happier.

Make yourself better and achieve something in your life through inspiration and without comparison. It's stupid to compare yourself with other outstanding people. Instead of this make them inspire you. Read their biographies or ask people you admire in order to find inspiration for new actions. And although comparison is generally negative, you have a chance to make it bring positive changes in your life.

Remind yourself that there are no perfect people. Everyone makes faults, suffers pain and has obstacles. The latter have to be overcome in order to have a triumph. You never know how others suffered to get things they have now. May be if you knew it you even didn't want to be those people you compare yourself to.

If you still can't stop comparing yourself to others, then change your object of comparison. Compare yourself with yourself. Devote time to spiritual, emotional and physical contribution to yourself. You can become better every day and bring goodness to this world. Learn celebrate the advancements you have and don't compare them to others. Only to yourself!



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