4 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Partner All Over Again

4 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Partner All Over AgainWhen we fall in love, we experience the giddy feeling of happiness that is often compared to butterflies in the stomach. But eventually it goes away, and after years of being in a committed relationship, your partner can start feeling more like a friend or roommate than a romantic partner. You still love each other, but it doesn't feel like you are in love. Here are four ways to fall in love with your spouse and experience that fluttery feeling all over again.

Go on dates. When was the last time you went on a date? If you can't remember, your probably should ask your partner out right now! Date nights are typically associated with the early stages of a relationship. The longer you are dating, the more often you just stay in, order takeout and watch a movie instead of going out. It's comfortable but not romantic. If you want to bring romance back into your relationship, you should go on romantic dates with your partner.

Spend some time apart. No, we don't mean taking a break in your relationship. What we mean is spending some time apart without breaking up or putting your relationship on hold. You can go on that business trip your boss suggested, visit your relatives, spend a weekend out of town with your friends or even enjoy a separate vacation. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Spending time apart gives you an opportunity to miss each other, and when you reconnect afterwards, you will realize how much you love your partner.

Fall in love with the person they've become. People change, and your partner is not the same person you've met years ago. Neither are you. If you feel like you've fallen out of sync and don't recognize your spouse, you shouldn't try to recreate the relationship you once had. Act like you're in a new relationship. Get to know each other all over again: ask each other typical first date questions, talk about anything and everything. This will help you learn to appreciate and love your spouse for who they are, not who they used to be. But don't start with a clean slate and discard your past: all of your happy moments together are worth remembering.

Be affectionate. When people are in love, they get more affectionate, both physically and verbally. Pet names, loving phrases and casual touching indicate affection. This works both ways: if you behave more affectionately toward your partner, you will eventually start to actually feel this affection. So say yes to nonsexual touching (pats on the back, squeezes of the hand, etc.) and compliments, this will help you rekindle the warmth and tenderness in your relationship.



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