How to Make Friends in a New City

How to Make Friends in a New CityMoving to a new city gives you lots of opportunities: new sights, new places and new job. But what about your old friends? You can't stay in touch with them all the time. We bet you won't stay alone for a long time, if you use our tips on making friends in a new city.

While you're in college, you never think about such things as making friends. You automatically have them, because you and many other people have the same interests. But trying to make friends as an adult in a new city is more tricky, because you don't know where to begin. Well, first of all you have to meet your new neighbors, because you're likely to communicate with them very often.

Use your hobbies. Your hobby is the key to making friends as an adult. When you meet people who have the same interests as you do, you're likely to become friends, because you have something in common. Well, people who have social hobbies usually never have problems with making new friends. But what to do, if you have an individual hobby and you usually do the things you like to on your own? The only way out is to socialize your hobby by joining different groups of your interest: reading clubs, gym etc. Whatever you like to do, shift it towards doing more stuff outside of the house.

Go volunteering. Look for new places where you can meet nice people, and if you have no idea, go for instance, to volunteering centers. Help others and talk to volunteers. You're definitely to find someone interesting.

Use your work. There are many people at your new work, and some of them can become your good friends. Start spending more time with your new colleagues: join them for lunch and agree to go out with them, if they ask you.

Say “Yes” to the opportunities. While you're new in a city, say “Yes” to many opportunities. If a bartender asks you to come to a local band concert, say “Yes”. If your neighbor advices you to try happy hours at your street, say “Yes”. If your colleague asks you join them after work, say “Yes”. If some dude asks you to ride his van, say “No”. We hope you understand, that you need to try the opportunities, that bring you benefits.

Join some classes. It's time to start your self improvement and join the classes you always wanted to take, but had no opportunity. Now it's the right time! Join salsa, yoga, cooking or toastmaster classes. They may be your new hobbies or continue your old one. Why do classes are a great opportunity to make new friends? It's primarily because you will see the same people over and over again.

Arrange a friend date. There are many chances that your old friends know somebody in the city where you move. If yes, then ask you friend to arrange a date for two of you. You're likely to like this person more than any stranger.

Use social media. Whenever you meet somebody new, add them as friends on Facebook and write them how nice it was to meet them. Send them nice messages asking to hang out in a coffee shop or ask about new places to see around the city.



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