5 Reasons Why Separate Vacations Can Be Good for Your Marriage

5 Reasons Why Separate Vacations Can Be Good for Your MarriageMany people think that separate vacations are the first step toward the divorce. Although it is true in some situations, this is not always the case. Some married couples enjoy separate vacations and have no marriage problems whatsoever. Here are five reasons why separate vacations can be good with your marriage.

You can have a perfect vacation. Different people like different things, and your idea of a perfect vacation may not be the same as your spouse's. If you spend your vacation together, you need to compromise. Some couples take turns in choosing a destination, some try to find vacation spots that will partly satisfy each of them. These vacations turn out good, but not perfect. If you spend your vacations separately, each of you can do what they love and explore their interests. And when you get home, you can tell each other all about it!

You get to miss each other. A little break from each other can make your feelings stronger and teach you to appreciate each other even more. If your relationship is happy and healthy, a weak or two apart will make it stronger, not ruin it. And if you've always wanted to try sexting or Skype sex, this is a perfect opportunity.

You can get some alone time. Everyone needs alone time, especially introverts, but when we have work and family, we rarely get a chance to be completely alone. Vacationing alone can help you clear your head and come back home refreshed. If you need solitude but never get it, a separate vacation is what you need. Just make sure that your spouse understands it.

You don't need to adjust your schedules. Sometimes it is hard to simultaneously take time off work. If your vacation schedules don't coincide and you just can't make things work, it's better to take separate vacations and enjoy them rather than keep obsessing over your inability to spend a vacation together. It's not the end of the world, really. You shouldn't sacrifice your vacation if your spouse can't take time off, neither should they sacrifice theirs.

You learn to trust each other. Mutual trust is essential for any relationship, but marriage, which is supposed to be a lifelong commitment, requires a special level of trust. When you spend time apart, you learn to be more trusting and deal with jealousy.

There are two more things we have to say about separate vacations. Firstly, you don't have to take separate vacations all the time. It can be a one-time thing, an occasional thing or a regular thing – whatever you are comfortable with. Secondly, separate vacations work if you don't have family issues you are afraid to address. If you feel like you need to take a break from your relationship, there is something wrong with it.



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