How to Show Your Spouse You Love Them

How to Show Your Spouse You Love ThemWhen people get married, they tend to start taking their partner for granted. It is a common mistake. If you want to keep your marriage happy and healthy, you need to keep on telling your spouse that you love them. And, more importantly, you should reinforce your words with actions. Here are six ways to show your spouse you love them.

Small acts of kindness. You don't need grand romantic gestures to let your partner know you love them. Small acts of kindness will show that you really care about your partner. Give them a back rub when they are tired. Do the laundry even when it's not your turn, just because you know they hate doing it. Make them a sandwich and a cup of tea when they are too engrossed in their work to have a proper meal. Small selfless acts between spouses make their relationship happier.

Give them small gifts for no particular reason. “When I saw this, I immediately thought of you and couldn't help buying it...” Your spouse will definitely be excited to get a present introduced in such a way. We aren't saying that you should be constantly showering your partner with gifts, your family budget probably won't survive it. But small surprise gifts every now and then will serve as a token of your love.

Be there for them. Spouses are supposed to help each other and support each other. When your partner needs your help, go out of your way to be helpful. Support them because you love them, not because it's your job. The power of your love is tested when you are going through difficult times.

Find ways to spend more time together. If your idea of quality time with your spouse is eating dinner in front of the TV or sitting in the same room while using your smartphones/tablets, your relationship will quickly go stale. Who said married couples can't go on dates? Have romantic date nights, hit the gym together, go to the movies instead of watching TV shows on Netflix. And make sure you talk about something other than chores and taxes.

Thank your spouse. Remember what we said about taking your partner for granted? When you thank your spouse for doing something (or just being them), you show your appreciation. In this context “Thank you” equals “I love you”. And don't just thank them for the results, their effort and time also deserve your appreciation.

Treat them with respect. True love involves mutual respect. If you want to show your spouse you love them, you should respect their opinions, beliefs, and choices even when your disagree with them. Treating your partner with respect when you are in public is also very important. You should never ever embarrass or criticize your spouse in front of other people.



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