How to Turn Down Your Ex Boyfriend Who Wants to Be Friends

How to Turn Down Your Ex Boyfriend Who Wants to Be FriendsYour relationship is over and you want to move on. But here is your ex boyfriend, who shows up and says he wants to be friends with you. And while he has no bad intention, you understand that friendship with him is the last thing you want. So how can you turn down your ex boyfriend, who wants to be friends with you?

Friendship with ex isn't a great idea at all. Of course, everything depends. Some people have a peaceful breakup and can go on as friends, especially, if the feelings towards each other were gone before the breakup. But others really hate the ground their ex steps on and try to keep away from that place as far as possible. And if you don't want to have nothing in common with your ex, then you have to turn down his friendship.

Talk. Talking the situation over is the first thing you can do to make your ex understand, that you don't want to be friends with him. Although it's the most obvious way to go, for many of us it's the most difficult one, especially, if you had an ugly breakup and now you don't want to hurt your ex once more. So if you can't use an open conversation to solve your problems with your ex, then go for the other ways, that will help you give him hints about how you feel.

Block him in social media. The social media is the witness of all your relations in your life. You have friends, follow and tweet them, post pictures, like and comment. And of course, if you're in relations with someone, your social media friends know about it. Now, when relations are over, it's time to remove your ex from your social media circle. We bet you don't want him to like your pictures with your friends or even comment them. By the way, if your ex becomes insistent, then block him.

Minimize contact. Blocking your ex may not work, especially if you see each other from time to time. For instance, your ex is your neighbor, a colleague or you're friends with his siblings. Let your ex know that you don't want to be friends with him by minimizing contact with him. Avoid places you can meet your ex, and if you don't see each other frequently, you hardly can be friends.

Sever all connections. It's the last and the most difficult thing you can do to turn down your ex's friendship. Make sure that you never ever see or meet your ex. Block him in all your social media apps, email and delete his phone number. You also should stop seeing your common friends or other people who are close to your ex. Yes, it's really hard, because it might mean that you will lose some friends, but it's what you have to do.

All maintained connections with your ex is the great reason why you can't move on. That's why you need to turn down your ex and his friendship. Of course, it means that you're likely never see this person again, but ask yourself, whether you need him in your life or not, especially, if there were some ugly reasons for the breakup.



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