How to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning

How to Use Pinterest for Wedding PlanningA lot of modern couples use Pinterest for wedding planning. Pinterest is a photo sharing website that allows users to collect ideas and create inspiring mood boards. Using Pinterest is like pinning pages from magazines to your bulletin board, only digitally. However, Pinterest is so much more than a virtual bulletin board! How to use Pinterest for wedding planning and make the most of it?

Sign up. Well, this is obvious, but we still need to mention it. Pinterest requires registration. The good news is that you can easily sign up with you Facebook, Google or Twitter account. We also recommend that you download and install the official Pinterest app on your smartphone/tablet for easier access.

Create several boards. If you create just one board, My Wedding, you won't be able to structure the ideas. We recommend creating several thematic boards and sorting pins accordingly. Here are some boards topics you can use: décor, centerpieces, flowers, invitations, bachelor party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding dresses, suits, shoes, veils, hair styles, makeup, nails, accessories, groomsmen, bridesmaids, cake designs, etc. You can also create different boards for different color schemes to choose the scheme that works the best.

Start searching. At the top of the page, there is a search bar. All you have to do is type a word or a phrase into the bar and press Enter. If you don't know where to start, type a generic term and use related search terms offered by Pinterest. For example, if you type “wedding”, Pinterest will suggest that you also check out the following search terms: wedding ideas, wedding photography, wedding planning, fall wedding, outdoor wedding, etc. Just click on the term, and the site will show you relevant pins. Don't forget to pin the pins you like to your board using the Pin It button.

Click the links. If a pin has been pinned from a website, it will have a link to the original site under the picture. Click the link to check out the site, it may turn out useful. Not only will clicking the links in pins allow you to discover new ideas, it may even help you find vendors.

Don't copy the ideas mindlessly. Pinterest is a source of inspiration, don't use it hoping to find clear instructions. Things that work for other people might not work for you, so you shouldn't try to copy everything you like. Take the ideas and reshape them to make your wedding uniquely you.

Collaborate. Pinterest allows to create group boards. Everyone you've invited to a group board is able to pin to this board. So if you want your wedding planner, your mother or your bridesmaids share their ideas with you, you can create a group board on Pinterest, invite them and use their pins for inspiration.

Take breaks. Browsing through pins can get overwhelming, so you need to take breaks in order not to miss great pins. When you get overwhelmed with wedding planning, close the browser/app and find a distraction to clear your head a bit.



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