Guest Attire Guidelines: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Guest Attire Guidelines: What to Wear to a Fall WeddingThe bride will be the center of everyone's attention on the wedding day, but it doesn't mean that you don't have to choose properly your own attire. Yes, you shouldn't outshine the bride, but at the same time you need to have a vibrant look. So what should you wear to a fall wedding?

Choosing attire for the wedding is always tricky, especially if it is a casual event. Yes, you need a dress, but what kind and what color should you choose? You will have to think about the possibility of chilly weather, wind and even rain, and it makes your choice much harder. There are really so many things to think over, and we're going to help you pick up the right outfit.

While you're expecting fall's cooler temperatures, you don't have to pick up a dress, that you'd wear on a really cold day. The weather is unpredictable, that's why you can opt for something lighter, especially if the wedding is going to be in September. So choose some ladylike dresses with short sleeve. The same concerns the length of the dress, no need for full or tea-length dresses. And you will be grateful for choosing a knee-length dress when you will start dancing.

Don't forget to prepare something to wear, that will let you feel warm and comfortable, and at the same time won't cross the boundaries of chosen dress code. A shawl, bolero or even a cardigan. They will be great over a short sleeved or sleeveless dress.

Fall is known for its beautiful colors, but it's not an excuse to refuse to wear bright hues. Cobalt, magenta, moss green, teal, purple will make you look lovely on the background or yellowing leaves. Also think about rust, orange, pumpkin, red and mustard, that are perfect fall colors. If you prefer something neutral, then choose black, grey, navy, burgundy or dark green in modern silhouettes.

Prints always look great, no matter whether it's summer, spring or fall. Bright prints are also perfect for the fall wedding guest attire. Well, at least make sure that you don't wear bold floral print, that will really look ridiculous in the fall. Opt for animal or geometric prints and you will be fine.

Think about the shoes you're going to wear. Leave the open shoes for summer, and even if it's going to be warm, opt for closed shoes. The ground might be a bit wet and you don't want to have your toes look terrible. Choose flats or pumps, boots will be great for October wedding, when it's getting really cold.

The choice of your attire doesn't totally depend on the colors (even if the bride was strict about them). It's always about how you feel in the attire you've chosen. If you don't feel comfortable in the dress you like, you'd better look for another attire.



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