5 Pick-Up Lines That Actually Work

5 Pick-Up Lines That Actually WorkMost girls hate clichéd, cheesy pick-up lines, and guys that use them are likely to get sassed, slapped, or simply ignored. However, not all pick-up line are terrible, some of them are pretty simple, inoffensive and effective at the same time. Here are five pick-up lines that actually work.

1. “Hi, my name is...” Sometimes all you need to land a date is a simple introduction. When you come up to a girl and introduce yourself, you give the impression of a confident person who doesn't need cheesy lines to attract attention. Just don't ask her out right after you've introduced yourself. Have a casual conversation to break the ice and see if she's interested before getting down to business.

2. “Hey, you have (a) nice...” Women (and men, too, by the way) like to be complimented. A sincere compliment will let you potential date know that you admire something about them. However, in order for the compliment to work, you need to get it right. First, it shouldn't be generic. Pick something special about the girl and compliment her on it. Second, don't gush too much. Avoid words such as “gorgeous”, “superb” or “ravishing”, simpler descriptions such as “nice” or “sweet” will do for now. Complimenting on her nice butt is too much as well.

3. “Do you know what's good here?” Asking for a recommendation of what to eat or drink is a good way to strike up a conversation at a bar or restaurant (so much better than “Come here often?”). It shows that you value the other person's opinion. This line also shows your confidence and gives you a topic for conversation – you can talk about the venue for a little bit before transitioning to less generic topics.

4. “Let me buy you a drink.” It's not the most original pick-up line (probably even one of the least original), but it works because it is directly to the point. You see a girl, you like her, you buy her a drink, it's as simple and straightforward as it gets. Just keep it polite and don't get aggressive or threatening. You should also be prepared to take “no” for an answer, there's always a possibility that she will say no because she is not interested.

5. “Have we met before?” / “Don't I know you from...” Another simple yet surprisingly effective pick-up line. It is a non-threatening way to approach a girl, as long as you sound sincere. If you're convincing enough, she might start thinking that she's actually crossed paths with you and she's forgotten you, but you've remembered her. This will make her feel special.

The bottom line is, when you approach a girl and start a conversation, keep it simple. Bring classy and polite is much more likely to get your laid than being corny and lame.



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